Monday, December 5, 2011

Riot house of the weekend

202 College Street, Amherst

Amherst police could have used a couple of Texas Rangers this weekend as all available units were not enough to quell a "disturbance" (apparently UMass officials get queasy over the word "riot") at 202 College Street when a party of around fifty got out of control very early (3:47 AM) Saturday morning.

UMass police, naturally, were too busy to respond to our mutual aid call but Amherst College and Hadley PD each provided two units for back up and assisted with transporting the uncooperative perps to the Amherst Police Department jail, located only a half mile away.

One perp is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon as he struck an Amherst Police officer with a stick. And yes, most officers wear a bullet proof vest to protect their mid torso but the officer was struck below the belt. Ouch.

Arrested for "Riot, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest":

Zahir Ajam Delrosario, 130th St, Harlem, NY, age 23
Jose Picot, 111 Franklin St, Northampton, MA, age 27

Arrested for "Unlawful noise":

Eric Cameron, 202 College St, Amherst, MA, age 23
Stephen Halliday, 17 Katherine Rd, Rehoboth, MA, age 21

Property ownership card for 200/202 College Street


Anonymous said...

Pepper spray and tasers should be standard protocol with these jerks. They're not children, they're adults and their behavior is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

They should band these guys from Amherst. Or at least make them clean up the trash, resulting from crazy college Parties!!!! I think wearing bright yellow or orange outfits with dunce caps would be a proper deterrent, and perhaps school children could watch and heckle them at the same time???

Anonymous said...

The only pieces of information you have are misquoted blurbs from an article in the amherst bulletin police blog. You and your commenters feel that they have some right to judge the situation yet don't take the time to correctly read the article, much less legitimately try and follow up on the whole side of the story. Instead you rely on false assumptions and ignorance.
You'd be telling a much different story if you had witnessed the night of flagrant brutality and chaos waged against 15-20 FULLY COMPLIANT guests by some very bored and sadistic police officers.
Your self-righteous ignorance in this matter is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.

LarryK4 said...

"Whole side...", I like that.

Sounds like you were there. Start your own blog, and that will make a good kick off post.

Anonymous said...

I neither have the time nor the ego to start up a blog.
I would politely ask, however, that you remove this "riot house" posting as it is both erroneous and insulting.
At least do a little more research before you condemn/post a picture of a house that has never had a noise complaint in the past, whose clean record occupants are not angry drunken meatheads, and were legitimate victims of unwarranted police brutality that night, despite following every order in both a polite and sober manner.

LarryK4 said...

Was that before or after one of you assaulted an officer with a stick?

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to shake your faith in the honor of the badge but there was never any assault with a stick. Newspapers say allegedly for a reason. I figured that as a "journalist," you would understand that. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you believe as that prime example of police mistruth will be cleared up in court. Cops have to cover their own ass, even if it means beating up the guy running the video camera and then claiming stick assault...despite the complete lack of sticks present.
Either way, I respectfully request that you take this completely pointless and slanderous blog post down or at least do a little more research.

LarryK4 said...

Well then, that should show up on the video. Upload it to Youtube and send me the link.

My policy is not to take down names unless a judge declares them completely innocent.

Anonymous said...

How is that any way to build or to sustain community? I assume you started this strange little narcissistic blog of yours out of a love for your home town of Amherst. I can tell by the videos of you at town meetings and your digging up dirt in all of the scandals concerning the town etc...etc... I can also understand how infuriating dealing with meathead drunk party culture on a weekly basis is as well...I deal with it too. I can't walk near the center of town without someone wanting to fight me for making eye contact or having to avoid a puddle of puke/a thrown bottle and I hate it. It's alienating and not my scene. But, as someone who appreciates community and prides myself on being respectful to all I meet, I want to be able to trust my neighbors in this town. That means you. As one who lives, votes, and works here, I make this plea from one reasonable person to another, remove this post. Even if you laugh at all that, in the interest of innocent until proven guilty I request you remove this. You've further twisted the story from what the bulletin reported, who had twisted the story from the police report. It's subtle but damaging and as one who lives life with a strong sense of right and wrong, it's hard to bear. Especially after my own trust in the badge was so violated despite being polite, sober, and compliant. Did everything right but had a great wrong done. Do you get that?

LarryK4 said...

What I get is police were called (by one of your neighbors) to 202 College Street at 3:47 AM to deal with a disturbance.

The five responding officers ran into trouble (that would be from you or your friends) and had to call for back up, to which two other agencies responded--Hadley PD and Amherst College PD.

So your conspiracy theory is getting a tad large as I highly doubt three different agencies would instantly hatch a plot against you and your friends.

As I said, if a judge finds you innocent I'll be happy to take down the post. Which is probably more than the Gazette will do.

Anonymous said...

Everything about that is false. Seriously. Everything. Even the time is a bit off.
Not sure where you're getting your information but that doesn't even match up with the official report.
Well, I tried. It's really a shame. Guilty until proven innocent is not very neighborly but I understand how bitter, stubborn, and self-centered this town has made you.
Have fun making yourself feel important by muddling in and passing judgement on other people's lives. Careful, overwhelming and undeserved self-righteousness is poisonous.

LarryK4 said...

Be sure to come back in a couple weeks as I will be awarding my "Party House of the Year" and you're in the running, although it will be hard to beat out the Bad Boys at 121 Meadow Street considering the riot that occurred there the night of September 9.