Friday, December 9, 2011

Library shelves quake project

Jones Library: town center anchor

Jones Library Trustees were not overly enthusiastic to the gee whiz idea of joining the Boston College Educational Seismology Project, with a combination of cost and time commitment--$10,000 for a seismograph and a year's worth of training for the new Library Director and a staff member--quickly deflating the trial balloon floated by Trustee President Sarah McKee.

McKee and Director Sharon Sharry had journeyed east to the Weston Public Library (the only library involved in the school dominated project) last Friday to learn more about the idea, and discovered the project can be time consuming for staff and management. Not to mention the $10,000 cost.

The Trustees did not even bother to vote.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the library without that garish sign.

Anonymous said...

i think their time and money would be better spent buying their own stuff and not on stupid things

Anonymous said...

The headline here is "McKee Thought Better".

If she's a former federal prosecutor, then I'm a nuclear physicist.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful old New England. Great shot.