Saturday, December 3, 2011

South Hadley: Repeat offender

South Hadley officials need the lesson in "respect"

So yeah, with my staunch Irish Catholic upbringing I understand the turn-the-other-cheek principle, and everybody deserves a second chance routine, but for God's sake can somebody remind Gus Sayer that a sweet, vulnerable child was pushed to the point of killing herself under his watch?!

Why NOW does a mother--concerned about her daughter being bullied in a school already internationally known for such things--have to turn to an Internet petition to get South Hadley officials to address the problem?

As I've said before, Gus Sayer, like school officials at Penn State, protected a pedophile for the good of the system. Well, that's a system that needs to change. Now!
UPDATE: Sunday morning

Jennifer kalvinek, Petition Organizer updated at

"We have gone past 4000 signatures. that is awsome !

Kevin Mccallister emailed me last night . he wanted me to stop the petition because he had too many signatures from people. they are listening! keep it up. LETS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!"


Anonymous said...

Just awful.

Bach said...

larryk4 said...
Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday; Phoebe most certainly will not.

Go to Hell.
April 4, 2010 8:37 PM

good Christian Larry, dooming someone, anyone to hell, would not be approved by the nuns.

As for that old catholic turn the other cheek, you use it to hide from the truth ... like that of 911. popular mechanics has been debunked, now go learn how the globalists set that thing up to usher in the tyrannical global government.

LarryK4 said...

Creative segue. You're getting better (Cinda will appreciate it).

Anonymous said...

There is true evil in modern education and how we treat those students who are both bright and disabled is perhaps the greatest evil of all.

I was hoping that they would not be able to sweep the PPrince case under the rug. This is on the same level as what was going on in Belchertown a generation ago and needs to be dealt with.

Ponzitown does it again! said...

Incubated in Amherst, infecting the planet.

Anonymous said...

What happened to this girl was awful. No doubt about it. But if someone is intent on killing themselves, they'll do matter what. I knew a couple who actually moved in with their college age son who was suicidal. He ended up killing himself in spite of all their efforts. Maybe Phoebe was intent on doing this, no matter what.

LarryK4 said...

Maybe, maybe not. We will never know.

But the behavior inflicted upon her is now illegal. Maybe if officials take enforcement seriously, it could prevent another tragedy...Or, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Larry, why don't we just use the four letters -- ADHD. That is what no one is really willing to say here, and there is EXTENSIVE documentation on the extent to which kids with ADHD are bullied.

Bullied worse than gays and lesbians, and had she been bullied for that instead and then did what she did, all h*** would have been breaking loose ever since. Gus would have been strung up at least in effigy....