Friday, December 23, 2011

Gray Lady up

Hadley Water Tower, East Street


Anonymous said...

How can a journalist conflate The New York Times and
a water tower in Hadley?

Just kidding, Larry: a perfectly pleasant perihelion to you!

LarryK4 said...

Or the Charlton Heston movie about that nuclear sub going down.

Anonymous said...

Wish you'd broken this story:

$8.8M deal preserves major forest tract in Leverett, Shutesbury; W.D. Cowls sells development rights to 3,486 acres

By NICK GRABBE Saturday, December 24, 2011

LarryK4 said...

Not really. Not my kind of story.

But it is interesting how heavy hitters feed me information as a springboard to get the attention of the bricks and mortar media, but when the information is obviously front page news not so quick to share because--knowing that I publish far faster--they do not want to piss off the mainstream media.

ed said...

The location of the water tower, adjacent to the old rail line, is significant. Steam trains did not recycle the steam and hence had to take on water every 9 miles, hence the location of the tower, either the current one or one before it. On a rail line that went all the way to Boston -- that was the main line to Boston at one point.

Then the Boston & Maine acquired it, and still used it although they had the Hoosic Tunnel and the route through Deerfield (in use today as PanAm RR). And then there was the Hurricane of '38 and tracks so badly washed out through Belchertown & Ware that the route was abandoned East of Amherst.

And there was an economic impact. And those who are fat & lazy and lying in the sun, believing that the UMass Goose will continue to lay golden eggs without being fed, might want to think about this.

Hadley's water tower was near what industry? Amherst's is near what industry? Irony...