Monday, December 12, 2011

Party House of the weekend

Amherst Police must be getting in the Christmas spirit as they issued ten warning tickets for noise and only two actual $300 noise complaint tickets over the weekend--the last one where UMass is still in session. So yes, the two winners had to go above and beyond the call of duty to garner a ticket.

Now anyone who has children and lives in a two story home knows how annoying it is when a temperamental child STOMPS all the way up or down the just imagine living in an apartment complex where you share walls with immediate neighbors and it's after midnight and the "children" are fully grown.

According to Amherst Police who were called to apartment #1421 The Boulders at 12:59 AM:

Over 100 party goers with extremely loud music. Upon attempting to clear the party, the patrons began yelling and stomping up and down the stairs and refused to leave. The residents were uncooperative and after several warnings were taken into custody. Furthermore, after the guests finally were cleared out an additional noise complaint was called in due to the loud behavior in the parking lot.

Arrested for Unlawful Noise:

Since the judge dismissed their cases on Monday, I have deleted their names.

263 Grantwood Drive

At first glance this case may seem to be a tad heavy handed, as these two young ladies were all by themselves listening to (loud) music at 8:00 PM--but that was not the case last week when one of the housemates was busted for a loud party that attracted over 100 guests and was shut down at 1:00 Am.

So apparently they did not learn their lesson. Yes, 263 Grantwood is located directly across the street from 260 Grantwood Drive, my Party House of the Weekend a few weeks back.

According to this week's police report:

RP reports loud party somewhere on Grantwood Drive location.

Base heard emanating from inside the residence. Only two residents inside, no other guests. Stated they were playing music and didn't realize it was that loud.

Cited for Noise ordinance violation:

Lauren Whittemore, Fitchburg, MA, age 21
Vanessa Crespo, Fitchburg, MA, age 20


UMassive said...

The town really needs to think how to divide students and residents. Without any incentives students will not change their behavior, as the noise violations have failed (except for the town to find another way to make money off of UMass). Let's face the facts, nobody has lived here before the University was built; it's no different than living next to the railroad tracks. Expect lights, bells, rumbling, if this is not the lifestyle you want don't live there. In exchange the town should designate certain areas in which are more student "friendly." It's about time for my fellow Amherst residents to realize UMass is the only reason it's on the map (no offense Amherst or Hampshire "college".)

Because it is the juggernaut as you put it we should stay divide and hold the line instead of mixing settlements.

LarryK4 said...

Actually my family has been here in Amherst since the early 1850s; and in case you are not a history major, that would predate the founding of the University.

The rest of your opinions are just as wrong.

UMassive said...

Wrong in what sense? Factual? Or do they simply not fall into pace with what your opinion is so thus they are wrong? What other notable features does Amherst contribute other than adding to global warming via ultra-liberals spouting hot air and being a pleasant small town? My hometown in NY, before I moved here, was just the same way (minus any higher education establishments). The largest difference is that we weren't ashamed to admit we were just another farm-oriented town and didn't need to feel special.

As for your family living here since 1850, do you live in the same house? Has the university directly disrupted your family lineage? Do you still feel as satisfied with the changes around your house? If it has proved detrimental to you should perhaps take it up with the state to receive some sort of compensation. For everyone else (and most of the houses seem to be constructed in 1960's or later, judging by the style and set-ups of the property) the new folks in town should be smarter about where they chose to live, the university doesn't disappear. Your real estate agent didn't cloak dormitories or cast an invisibility spell over the abundance of students that are here year-round. Simply walking around the neighborhood would reveal if a house is a rental, and if it is if students are the primary tenants. As you should have learned at your time at UMass, correlations aren't validated or rejected by one single outlier, such as your family is. I am instead speaking to the rest. I suggest Amherst follow what the Japanese did when Admiral Perry sailed into the harbor, make use of an economic juggernaut to their advantage.

Distressed UMass Gradstudent said...

Hi LarryK4,

Upon googling my name this evening, I stumbled across the blog written about a party thrown on Saturday night/Sunday morning in the Boulders, where I was arrested. The information in the article is invalid on the basis that we were not uncooperative. It was the guests who would not leave in a timely manner after being told to leave. Also, we were found not guilty for violating the noise bylaw. I ask that this information be removed from the internet. If this article is not removed, I hope that it is, at the very least, possible to remove our names from this article.

The information that you have written and posted can negatively effect our future goals as graduate and professional students. This information shines a negative light on us that does not truly depict our character.

I hope that you can put yourself in our shoes and find it in your heart remove this article.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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LarryK4 said...
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Anonymous said...

gee Larry why did you remove your own post about not responding? decided you couldn't button it?

LarryK4 said...

Because the 5:43 AM comment that said I should not even justify "UMassive"'s comment at 4:02 PM with a response, to which I responded "That's my plan," looked a little odd when I published Distressed UMass Grad Student" which I held off publishing until I verified that her case was dismissed.

It would have looked like Anon 5:43 AM was referencing "Distressed UMass Grad Student"'s comment which of course he was not, since I had not yet published it when he responded to the self-centered "UMassive" kid.

I kind of wish Blogger would let me edit the time/date stamp on comments to avoid that.

slumlord patrol said...

fair enough. where's the Cinda post?

UMassive said...

I think you'd find Larry that you and I have more in common than disagreement. Among these include age, right "kid"?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, you're as old as you feel and right about now I'm feeling pretty darn sprightly.

Anonymous said...

UMassive's argument can be turned around: "the new folks in town should be smarter about where they chose to live." Okay, how 'bout students be smarter in their choice of a school? Find a college town where the locals really don't care and happily pay their taxes to fund ambulances and other services for you and never object when you party and carouse to your heart's content.

The "you old townies should all crawl away and die" attitude I see on this blog from time to time is amazing. Will that be your response when you're out living in the wider (real) world and you run into a conflict? Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

The question is: are any of these kids embarrassed or simply sorry they got caught?

Are they worried about future employers?

If so, well, whatever works.

Anonymous said...

Umassive wants us to give the students incentives. Hey umassive, you've come to the right town. Here in Amherst, we give everyone a trophy, so it makes sense for us to give rioting, drunk, abusive, unappreciative students an incentive to change their behavior.

Got it.

Make a note of this umassive, for whwen you grow up. Your incentive idea, rewarding people in attempt to encourage they change their pathetic, distruptive behavior, is the rock that is sinking what used to be a strong country. Now we look for ways to reward people who are essentially fuck-ups.

I guess the pull yourself up by the bootstraps American story has a new chapter.

You go all you middle class, spoiled shits. Drink yourselves into oblivion. You'll need a strong familiarity with that place when you realize you've taken up permanent residence there.

Cowardly Anon Nitwit said...

"The town really needs to think how to divide students and residents"

Why can't this happen? Shouldn't the University be able to cooperate with the town and come up with some kind of arrangement for students to live in an area that is secluded from residents?

Unfortunately, you wouldn't be left much to complain about after that...actually, I'm sure you'll find something, like you always do.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah I'm sure I would.

(Seems to keep bringing you back here.)

UMassive said...

Glad to hear it Larry, as much as I disagree with your politics to the school your opinions on the town are pretty spot on with us here in reality and I enjoy the other aspects of your blog.

As for anonymous, do you really think the young men and women who apply to UMass have much of a choice anymore? Your counter-argument is weaker than... hell I don't know if there is a comparison. If UMass Amherst is the best school you can afford how do you recommend the children go elsewhere? Do you think the school mentions the resentment from certain parts of the town on tours?