Monday, April 28, 2008

A very exclusive Parade

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So the Amherst 250’th Parade Committee has a 13-page list of rules and regulations concerning the town parade coming up in September 2009 compared to the Amherst July 4 Parade with only one page. They actually asked us not to have a July 4’th Parade that year because they were worried about fund raising and did not want the competition for private donations. Naturally we told them to make like Ben Franklin and go fly a kite.

“Participating Units must have an entertainment value to the viewer consisting of music, drill, choreography, uniforms or dress, floats or giant parade balloons or serve the purpose of being honored by the Parade Committee, or of honoring the objectives of the Parade Committee in presenting the Parade.”

Hmm, I guess the war protesters had better start practicing their act!

“Marching units are to be identified by a sign which contains only the name of the marching unit. Marching units may have no signs (other than their Parade Committee approved identification sigh), banners, placards or handouts, or other messages of any form in the line-of-march, nor may they distribute flyers, handouts or other materials or items. Marching units may not shout slogans or partisan messages, expressing support for any subject not reflecting the stated them of the Parade Committee.”

Hmm, anti-war folks will have to learn how to mime.

“The Amherst 250’th Celebration Parade Committee is trying to present the best quality event possible for the viewers. These Rules are intended to serve that purpose. That is the only reason for them and should be considered—as they are named—“standards”. We seek a quality event in its entirety.”

So I guess it’s okay to restrict folks First Amendment rights--as long as you are striving for a “quality event.”
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maryd said...

So the 250th committee wants to present a "quality event" by asking that participants honor the objectives of the Parade Committee and the stated theme.
Sounds familiar.

Mark said...

I reworked the 4/25/2008 press release ( for the 250th parade:

To celebrate the founding of Amherst, the Town of Amherst shall sponsor a parade on September 27, 2009. All groups will be invited to participate, and with the exception of obscenities and hate crimes, freedom of speech will be allowed.

O'Reilly said...

Read Stephanie's O'Keefe's Select Board meeting minutes here.

I think you'll find her ideas about the 7/4 Parade are compatible with yours. I wish Amherst had two more on the Select Board like her.