Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Example!

Click to enlarge Yeah, that's a lighter in her right hand and a bong in her left, she took a big hit, held it for 10-15 seconds and exhaled a dark cloud of smoke that smelled like--you guessed it--marijuana, then passed the pipe to the girl on her left, who repeated the drill.

So these kids are not old enough to smoke cigarettes, drink beer, see an R-rated movie (without an adult guardian) but yet here they are, in Amherst Town Center, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon--smoking pot. You have to wonder if the Amherst Town Manager would not be surprised--or bother him--that these kiddies are enjoying the herb at an event like 'Extravaganja'. Only in the People's Republic!
He's railing against Lord Jeff Amherst, calling him a "murderer". So we give these folks free use of the Town Common, don't charge them the extra $1,000 in police labor required to handle such a crowd and yet they stack manure on the town name. That's gratitude for ya!


Larry Shaffer said...

It's a personal choice, no?

Sammy Jo said...

Not when it is illegal.

Anonymous said...

You folks can cast marijuana as an evil illegal substance as much as you want, but take notice it's far less harmful to individuals, not to mention society, than "legal" drugs like alcohol and cigarettes.

If we treated marijuana like we treated cigarettes, maybe events like these wouldn't be necessary, and maybe those kids wouldn't be toking up in public.

I'm not advocating use of marijuana, but the fact is it's a huge drain on our drug enforcement resources when there are REAL threats out there like meth and crack/cocaine.

- Danica - said...

the "bong" you point out in the picture is actually a bowl/pipe. these are bongs:
also, maybe if we legalized marijuana, we could spend less time/money/etc on the bullshit drug war against a relatively harmless substance; not to mention, if it were legally controlled and regulated, it could be taxed, pureness could be regulated, and an age limit could be set (not that people don't smoke/drink/etc underage, but it would be a step in the right direction).