Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All Hail Purple and White!

So yeah, I suppose when you have $1.7 Billion in reserves--$100 million of that coming in over the past six months from only two donors--you can afford to repaint other peoples property with your school colors.

A graduation tradition, I’m told, for the past thirty years, as this railroad underpass is less than a stone’s throw from Amherst College’s side entrance.


maryd said...

I saw that yesterday and wondered why it is maroon now. First coat? UMass taking over?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, first coat.

I got a few complaints from Club members who were slowed down by the traffic control--but at least Amherst College paid for the two Amherst cops (around $800).

O'Reilly said...

Did it need painting? If so, why does the town of Amherst pay for it? The bridge is property of the railroad company, no? I'd feel better about the spending of tax dollars on this priority if I knew they called the railroad and discussed the issue before moving ahead.

That issue notwithstanding, the Amherst Hurricanes are maroon and white as are the Umass Minutemenm, while the Amherst Lord Jeffs are purple and white. All three - Amherst, Umass and Amherst College - value diversity. Why not be inclusive? I'm sure there's a way to make black and white maroon and purple look good on that bridge. The Five College bridge to education anyone?

LarryK4 said...

Nah, did not need painting.

But the town is not paying for the repainting , my sources tell me it's Amherst College.

Although by God it does look maroon and white when I drove by a few moments ago. So maybe the painting company comes back tomorrow and hits it with another coat turning it purple. I'll keep you informed. (Damn well better not be the town paying for the painting)

maryd said...

It would be kind of neat if it stayed maroon, I know it's unlikely. I don't understand why the inside decor of the HS is all purpley instead of school colors. Most other schools do that. School spirit anyone?