Sunday, October 16, 2016

Well I love That Dirty Water

Town is using Mill River Pool water for trees, shrubs and sewer flushing
Amherst Road, Pelham  pond usually a lot fuller

Whatever you are doing to conserve water, keep doing it.  In fact, think about stepping it up over the next few weeks as the water situation continues to tread water, but not really improve.

 Atkins Reservoir 10/14 off line and only 37.5% full

At the four boards economic summit meeting on Thursday, Town Manager Paul Bockelman pointed out the water crisis had a silver lining in that it has brought the town and University of Massachusetts closer together as a team (Amherst & Hampshire Colleges as well).

 Hills Reservoir 10/14 off line

And Assistant Town Manager Dave Ziomek confirmed that although the Select Board approved fines for water ban violators no such tickets have been issued to date because "cooperation has been so good."

 Hawley Reservoir 10/14 currently off line

I'll drink to that.


Anonymous said...

What stops the colleges from doing own wells - as a supplement even ???!!!

Anonymous said...

In an emergency like this, why don't they supplement the drinking supply with nice water from Gull Pond and Station Road wetlands that are downhill from the old uncapped landfill? The town's been telling us for years that those sources are completely pure and healthy, with 'no evidence' of contamination! ;-)

Larry Kelley said...

Normally I would say "sarcasm requires its own special font."

But in your case, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Interesting use of pool water. BTW, town meeting allocated funds a while back, to renovate the playing fields at Mill River but nothing has been done yet. Any word on the status?