Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drugs & Drones Don't Mix

Ryan Krouch stands before Judge Estes from the lock up

Back in the Wild West days it was a hanging offense to steal a man's horse.  These days don't mess with a man's drone, even if he is a college aged male.

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In Easter Hampshire District Court on Friday the Commonwealth requested $1,500 bail for Ryan Krouch, age 21, telling the judge he had struggled with Sargent Ting and had to be restrained via an armbar He also had two previous defaults on minor charges.

But Judge Estes noted he did make good on those two appearances within days of the default so he allowed him to be released on his personal recognizance. 

Mr. Krouch will appear for pre trial on November 18 but in the meantime has to "stay away" from Amherst and submit to random drug testing.


Anonymous said...

Drugs & guns are the face of ISIS in America - this is an invasion - whose got a drone now ???!!!

anonymous 2 said...

good ol' anonymous, never at a loss for words... does your mother know you talk like that?

Anonymous said...

Why would he have the drone he stole the prior day n him when
stealing more stuff?? STUPID.....