Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DUI Double Dishonor Roll

One way of guaranteeing a quick arrest for drunk driving is to crash your vehicle into a police cruiser, dead in the center of town no less. 

 Keith Cotnoir, 23, arraigned before Judge Thomas Estes
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In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Keith Cotnoir, age 23, instantly took a 24D disposition at his private attorney's advice.  So he will be off the road for next 45 days and out a fair amount of cash.

Cost of a standard 24D disposition


Anonymous said...

Larry, this is my point about .08 -- this is a .20 and Gazette reports he allegedly went around that corner at a high rate of speed.

Anonymous said...

This is a college town full of youth who run around like animals-just a perfect recipe FOR EARLY DEATH-LIFE MAIMED IN NURSING HOME-all this at such a tender age of average pedestrian..now THAT would REALLY rain on any potential VICTIMS PARADE..this one bad dudster DWI drunk driver-is a killer on the road-let this man keep driving his "Ride" and sweet memory will DIE !!

Anonymous said...

Dressed for success. Black is the new orange.

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't damage the "Black Lives Matter" sign.

Larry Kelley said...

Was not yet up. (Went up Monday morning.)

Anonymous said...

How does a 23-year old kid afford a $50,000 truck? (He registered it last April so he probably bought it new.)

Broadsiding a marked police cruiser. Cute.

Both vehicles were traveling East on Main and he hit the *side* of the cruiser? How fast was he going?