Monday, October 10, 2016

There Is A Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)

Amherst College
South Amherst

Mill Lane
East Village
Bramble Hill Farm
North East Street 
Upper North East Street
Owens Pond
Kendrick Park


Anonymous said...

The doilies is about two weeks late this year - fright and climate change go all warming- try re-usable bags- plastics toss aways use 11% of global oil production !!

Anonymous said...

Nice pix of open space, traditional development and protected farmland. Viva la Amherst and it's preserved beauty!

Beppe said...

Amherst, Mass. hates Italian-Americans.

Anonymous said...

100,000,000 new plastic grocery bags require the total energy equivalent of 8300 barrels of oil for extraction of the raw materials, through manufacturing, transport, use and curbside collection of the bags. Of that, 30 percent is oil and 23 percent is natural gas actually used in the bag-the rest is fuel used along the way.

People forget that a paper grocery bag isn't just made out of trees. Manufacturing 100,000,000 paper bags with one-third post-consumer recycled content requires petroleum energy inputs equivalent to approximately 15,100 barrels of oil plus additional inputs from other energy sources including hydroelectric power, nuclear energy, and wood waste.

So the same number of paper grocery bags uses five times as much total energy as plastic to make and get to your store.

Sorry to spoil your party.

Anonymous said...

Amazon sells plastic grocery bags $15 a thousand. Better bags cheaper than Big Y. Screw the ban! Besides, ever try to pick up dog poop with a paper bag?

Anonymous said...

Guess what - I made the switched to fabric re-usuables - way to go-saves 25 plastic toss outs a week for a single person - no more clutter -what's not to like -iPhone auto -correction makes all the mistakes -Apples bad !!!!

Anonymous said...

Paper bags tear. Groceries all over the parking lot. I miss the plastic bags plus I could hook them onto the little knobs in the back of my car.

Anonymous said...

Children are told what to do.

Adults decide what to do.

That is how you tell the is not an age.

Men have beards, women and children do not.

Another fundimental fact that seems to have escaped people.

Reusing cardboard boxes trumps all bags and all petty laws for children, hillaries them even.

But let's waste 50 gallons of fuel per pound of weed growing it inside and split hairs over bags. Haha Only in the Commune of Amherst.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of drones:

Thad said...

Thank You these pictures are a treat.