Friday, May 20, 2016

Unsung Heroes Week

Who ya gonna call?
DPW at Kendrick Park assisting with the undergrounding of electrical wiring 

When APD or AFD needs to get somewhere to assist a citizen in the middle of a raging snowstorm it's the DPW plow driver who provides an invaluable assist. Or sands the roads immediately after a structure fire where the water runoff has turned a street into glare ice.

When trees came crashing down in the midst of a late October snowstorm taking out power and blocking roads and driveways, the DPW tree division provided a priceless assist.

And if God forbid a man made or natural disaster should befall the heart of our downtown, in addition to police and fire personnel who speed towards the disaster you would also see those distinctive yellow trucks heading into the fray.

Which is why the Department of Homeland Security now designates DPW Departments as "First Responders", something a minority of us in the know folks have always considered them to be.

Yet I never knew there was a "National Public Works Week," but I'm digging it!

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Anonymous said...

Their plan for road treatments in the winter is fubar but otherwise they are a great group of guys.