Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

Should marijuana be legalized in our progressive state these kinds of dangerous driving incidents will no doubt increase.  Interesting that a Breathalyzer is used to rule out alcohol as a factor for impaired driving.

 Lenno Carter, age 40, stands before Judge Thomas Estes
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In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday the Commonwealth requested $2,000 bail for Mr. Carter but it was denied by Judge Estes.  He was released on his own personal recognizance and will return next month for a pre-trial hearing. 


Anonymous said...

No doubts....unless you look at the data that says that says that safer marijuana will displace some of the dangerous alcohol making the roads safer and that there is no statistical difference between the driving performance of folks that are high on weed vs. those that are straight according to the USDOT. There is a statistical difference between some idiot with an 80 IQ and someone with a 100 IQ and someone with a 130 IQ, but we make sure the driving tests do not catch this.

Then you would certainly doubt the risks of regulating recreational weed. Note the words, Mass is not considering legalization and never will, it is considering a highly regulated system, slightly less regulated than before. That is not legalization, legalization is the removal of marijuana laws. That being said, even those promoting this get the words wrong....but reporters should not, IMO.

Larry Kelley said...

Perfect is the enemy of good, IMO.

Anonymous said...

What the legalize pot abusers cleverly fail to mention-most abusers use BOTH pot and alcohol-together you get a far more inebriated/dangerous/deadly situation..any fool think these would be killers intend to compensate for millions in personal injury-that's YOUR insurance-OUR taxes, don't kid yourself !

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:30 -- this is what makes me want to scream about the "OUI" emphasis, although I think that most cops understand what you are saying -- and bust the perp for what they can.

IQ has nothing to do with motor skills, btw...

Anonymous said...

"Note the words, Mass is not considering legalization and never will, it is considering a highly regulated system, slightly less regulated than before."

Yes, note the words: "Prohibited" versus "Regulated."

Yes, note the words: "Schedule I" versus "Recreational."

In other words, if a police officer sees you smoking it: "Arrested & criminal charges" versus "blow the smoke in the cop's face with impunity."

How the hell do you get "slightly less regulated than before"?!?!?

That's like saying that lowering the drinking age to 20 would make it "slightly more legal than before" for a 20-year-old to drink. No....

Dr. Ed said...

Here is the AAA article -- WA death rate DOUBLED!

Anonymous said...

IQ does have to do with driving skills overall. How smart you are really matters for just about every skill out there.

In the spectrum of prohibited vs. free where we are today is only slightly different from where we will be once rec is in place. Never has weed been fully prohibited (by action) and never will you be free to have and use it. You will work under some system of regulation and prohibition either way. Once rec is in place, it will only be legal to have a certain amount, what you do with it will be highly restricted, all other activities or amounts or uses, commercial or otherwise will be largely prohibited, like today. Combination of Regulated and Prohibited, but certainly not legal. It is not legal to drive, it is legal for licensed drivers to drive. Marijuana is a privileged like driving, suited for some, in some amounts at some times, not a right.

Very few are jailed for weed in mass today, mostly for driving like this guy. Once rec goes through, very few will be jailed for weed and most of these will be for driving like this guy.

You cannot blow weed smoke in cops face now or in the future. You cannot get in a cop's personal space and offend them. You really cannot offend them at all as they are in a higher class in our society and can have you punished in countless ways both formal and informal, both legal and illegal.

The new rec system will really only matter for those that follow every law they find (very few of us) and those that own weed businesses.

And again, IQ matters, unless yours is low and then you are special.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ed coming through with real info. Colorado saw a similar increase. ERs are also packed w/people screwed up due to cannabis edibles and the use of hash butane oil/wax/dabs. This is not a simple issue.

BTW: Blow smoke of anything in a cops face and see what happens…..great idea. Impunity my ass. Dare you to try it..smh

Anonymous said...

I am 100% positive this guy from New York will be coming back from New York for his pretrial hearing...LOL.

Dr. Ed said...

The officer may have been speaking figuratively rather than literally, and not all police officers are a-holes. Some are pretty decent people who put up with a lot of grief from some not so nice people.

His point was that 2008(?) law change replaced criminal charges with smoking with impunity, and (at least then) potheads were "laughing" about the $100 tickets, which apparently could be ignored with impunity.

I once had a hardhat split off my head by a stoned co-worker. Don't try to convince me "safe."

Anonymous said...

This is your "type" of a perfect picture.smfh