Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Road Is Long

Runners line up in front of Rafters for 10:30 AM start

One of the great things about Amherst in late spring leading up to a lazy summer is all the neat weekend events that happen -- especially as it relates to outdoor activities.

Our institutes of higher education rent out facilities for summer camps which bring plenty of new young faces to our little town and there's usually a road race to benefit a worthy cause.

The Amherst Police Department in partnership with Rafters Sports Bar & Restaurant has successfully promoted this event for the past 23 years to benefit the Jimmy Fund and the Amherst Police Relief Association.

 Streaming towards our #1 employer UMass/Amherst

Let's hope the proposed medical marijuana dispensary for this location does not get in the way of a 24th year.


Anonymous said...

All the weekend athletes can run with a big stoned grin on their faces. And no one will care who wins.

Anonymous said...

There is a therapy group for the drone obsessed.

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, we meet in the clouds.