Friday, May 13, 2016

Forest For The Trees

Rolling Green Apartment, One Rolling Green Drive

If you ever wondered how to properly plant or prune a tree you're in luck: the Amherst Shade Tree Committee is holding their monthly tree planting demonstration this Saturday at Rolling Green Apartments on Belchertown Road (Rt 9) in the eastern part of town starting at 9:00 AM.

Public shade trees, which can last for generations, are all too often taken for granted because they blend into the background.

But when they are destroyed due to age or development we suddenly discover to our dismay, that they were the background.

SATURDAY morning update:
 Ten new trees going in the ground


Anonymous said...

Any problems with this post Dr ed?

Dr. Ed said...

Only that I am too busy to be there tomorrow to learn how to properly prune a tree and they aren't making a YouTube video of it.

Planting is simple (i.e. "dig hole") as is the removal (if you have a chain saw), it's the pruning and adolescent care that needs to be taught...

So they are doing this -- why exactly would I be opposed????

Even if they were pruning trees on private property, if there was (a) a rational reason for this venue AND (b) the sole purpose was to teach the public how to prune trees, why would I care?