Sunday, August 9, 2015

Torch Run: A Fitting Tribute

Lining up at APD HQ 111 Main Street,  Saturday 6:55 PM

The spectacular Saturday weather continued into the early evening making the three mile jaunt from Amherst Police Department HQ to Kennedy dorm at Southwest UMass ever so bearable -- especially with 50 other friends, family and co-workers along for the run.

Umass roundabout was no problem for the pack

Pack escorted along University Drive 

The Law Enforcement Torch Run is more than just a special benefit to raise money for Special Olympics -- it's a concrete example of how cops care about their community.

And the power of camaraderie.

 Final stretch: University Drive up Fearing Street to Southwest Kennedy dorm


Anonymous said...

Are the police officers workimg during the run or are they volumteering their time?

Larry Kelley said...

The latter.

Anonymous said...