Friday, August 28, 2015

A Lot Off The Top

DPW Tree crew strategizing how to safely take down large tree off Triangle Street

This massive 100' poplar tree is coming down piece by piece in what can only be described as a challenging removal.  Mainly because it's so BIG, and its location next to a commercial building.   

 Height of tree pushes the limits of the bucket truck

The tree was recently hit by lightning and could not be saved. 

Shot from 150' up


Anonymous said...

That tree is a monstrosity, glad it is being removed

Anonymous said...

So sad. Once the most poplar tree in town, it fell to its lowest point this week. At least Larry isn't barking for its preservation, per usual.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Larry,
But, that tree it not a huge challenge with a bucket truck.
Most of it is just chuck and duck.

Dr. Ed said...

No guts, no glory -- you cut a tree down from the base.