Monday, August 17, 2015

Public Documents Redux

Amherst Regional Middle School

Sometimes you hit a treasure trove and sometimes it's just junk, but a public documents request -- which my friends in the bricks and mortar media make all too infrequently -- is never a waste of time.

At the very least it sends a message that anything public officials say relating to public matters can and will be used against them.  Or for them as the case may be, since sometimes the information gained sheds a positive light.

Click headline "Concern over Public Doc Release" to better read document

As the 4,500 of you who read the previous release of internal emails may remember, the $180,000 payoff of Carolyn Gardner was done without the standard "non disclosure agreement," after the schools did everything in their power to have it included.

Gardner's legal team insisted the settlement not be done under the cloaking device of a non disclosure agreement. 

Of course maybe that's why the Public Schools are more inclined to give away the store with  legal cases, since they assume the non disclosure agreement will protect them from prying eyes.  All the more reason to challenge it.

At every opportunity. 


Anonymous said...

$345,933 is seven teachers, that needs to be remembered.

When you add up all of Caroline Gardner - both the costs incurred last year and the payout costs - there will be two less teachers in the high school for the tenure of the freshmen who were there last year.

Will the students of color be better off without the two qualified teachers that they otherwise would have had for the four years of their high school experience? Was she worth that -- I don't think so...

Larry Kelley said...

Or maybe they cut the music program to make up the money, or charge more for sports participation. Either way, the general public has a right to know.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Gardner got a dime. Because some idiot white kids taunted her? Ridiculous. If you want to teach high school, you better have a thick skin and who cares what color it is.

I bet the white teachers endure far worse abuse from minority students and have no recourse at all. They suck it up and get on with their jobs.

Future cases should be fought tooth and nail in court - no more settlements.

Mommy? said...

In Ponziville

all that matters

is Fentanyl.

Kids and schools?

Fuuuuuuuck iiiiiiiiit.

-Squeaky Squeaks

p.s. Mommy, are you high enough?

Anonymous said...

Poetry in motion, Squeaks.