Monday, August 24, 2015

Thuggery Continues

War Memorial Pool.  DPW Tree Division immediately north

In addition to break ins at downtown LimeRed Teahouse, the Monkey Bar and an apartment nearby on Thursday night, the town owned War Memorial Pool (now closed for the season) was also the victim of an overzealous agile perp who climbed the perimeter fence, broke through security glass in an inside door and then trashed the place in search of cash -- which he didn't find.

 All outside windows are gated security glass

Unfortunately the town does not have security cameras installed at the War Memorial building, although the DPW operation next door will soon have them, and one camera will point directly at the pool.

Our downtown has been plagued by this unsophisticated type of criminal activity for far too long now.

And while the students return next week does not necessarily increase this brutish type of behavior, the other alcohol fueled rowdy activities college aged youth routinely engage in -- albeit a small minority but of a large overall number -- will keep police distracted until first snow. 

 Eastern Hampshire District Court

Thursday night's break in spree seemed to be worse than the entire weekend as Monday morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court had a total of three APD arraignments, two for motor vehicle charges and one for a violation of abuse prevention order. 


Anonymous said...

These are most likely the same people that were caught two months ago, and released so that they could better themselves. Guest what, it did not work. They should be held responsible for their deeds. At the very least made to pay for repairs or make the repairs to the damages they caused themselves. This at their own expense.

Will it happen, no. Some judge with more so call wisdom will let them walk......

Anonymous said...

Larry, I know you you think you are eloquent and articulate but "Thuggery" is the wrong title for what is going on. Really, you can do better. The SJS would not approve.

Anonymous said...

And don't use the term "Anchor baby" either. Too much political correctness in the world Larry. Way too much.