Monday, June 8, 2015

Sleeping Beauty DUI

Mark Kulas intake photo (aka "mug shot") courtesy Amherst Police Department

Amherst police took a drunk driver off the road before dawn on Sunday morning, but first they had to awaken him. Yes, now imagine Mark Kulas, age 22,  conking out while his vehicle was in high speed motion.
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Other charges were dropped as part of the 24D plea

In Eastern Hampshire District Court this morning Mr Kulas did not show up for his 9:00 AM arraignment and a bench warrant was issued for "failure to appear".

But he did show up by close of business today (maybe he had overslept) and ended up taking a standard 24D disposition: $650 in fines, losing his license for 45 days, and one year probation.

In addition since his Breathalyzer was .20% he must undergo a (substance abuse) 24Q evaluation


Anonymous said...

If he's 22, he was born before 1995, which puts him in the "Generation Y" category of basement dwellers with no job, living out of the parent's basement. Sad

Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget the 30, 40 and 50 year old's who now live out of their families basement and can't find work either. Nearly 100 million people now have given up looking for work in this country since they can't find a job.

Anonymous said...

I thought Bronco Bama fixed all of that of that?

Dr. Ed said...

Larry, this schmuck was a hell of a lot more dangerous than the person with the .08 OUI -- I don't think that he should be treated essentially the same as the person with the "excessive blood alcohol level" of .08 when he was clearly DRUNK.

Anonymous said...

There are jobs-
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