Thursday, June 25, 2015


Cook Fountain, Sweetser Park

As mothers have angrily said for generations, "That's why we can't have nice things!"  The Enos Cook Memorial Fountain in Sweetser Park is not only historic, but it's beautiful.

A little less so now after vandals tagged it with graffiti. 

Nitwit needs spell check

And situated almost dead in the center of town on a direct route to the Emily Dickinson Homestead/Museum, it gets a lot of traffic from folks interested in the history of Amherst.

Or families, coming to Sweetser Park to briefly be together with no other agenda besides being a family.

It's getting to the point where the town needs to install cameras to cover all public places.  Or attack drones.


Anonymous said...

Cameras are not just needed in public places, they are needed in private places too for all the same reasons. Most crimes happen in private, which is why privacy is archaic/dangerous if you care about safety and reducing crime.

The same reason police and school students need body cameras/trackers.

Anonymous said...

Police station across the street, no exterior cameras?

Anonymous said...

If police and students need body cams, where does it end, Big Bro?

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Exactly why we can't have nice things here.

Anonymous said...

Once it starts, everybody thinks its OK, sort of litter. If there is trash on the street, people through more trash. If there is one piece of graffiti, people are almost challenged to put up their own.

It's important to get rid of each piece that shows up ASAP. Since the folks are frequently members of the same groups, it is also nice to get one of them and make them suffer. Put the fear of God into 'em!

Anonymous said...

It is getting a bit overgrown which creates an area invisible even to the police directly across the street. The vegetation should be trimmed back to restore the more open feeling it used to have, and to reduce the potential for further vandalism.

Also the new generation worships graffiti as "art" as shown by "Banksy" vandalism revered and publicized.