Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pax Mexicana

Mission Cantina Friday 5:45 PM

The pitched battle that erupted -- mainly over parking -- between town officials and Mission Cantina came to an honorable end at last week's Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, with a compromise both entities can live with.

The ever popular restaurant can continue operating a food truck (which serves the downtown) out of their current location with extra parking allowed for employees in the back as long as they stay only on paved areas.

The restaurant is not required to carve out any new additional customer parking spaces and in fact will lose a few by installing barriers to protect green space on the south end of the parking lot.

In addition signs will be erected telling hungry customers to stay off the grass.  Or maybe they can hire a grumpy old man at peak times to yell, "get off my lawn!"

And they will be allowed to construct an enclosure/vestibule around the front door.

Town officials were caught in a bit of bind:  They recently allowed two new large five-story mixed used buildings (mostly residential) in the downtown with no parking required but in this case originally tried to force a restaurant to add parking when they already provide more than twice what the zoning bylaw requires.


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Anonymous said...

How in the world does your drone take video as though stationary? Awesome! RM

Larry Kelley said...

Three axis gimble that keeps the camera perfectly stationary even in 20 MPH winds (which I would not fly in).

Rebecca said...

I'd rather go to Sibie's. I hope Sibie's is still there. Haven't been in about a year.

Larry Kelley said...

Yes, they are still there. The four parking spaces front right are reserved for their customers.

Anonymous said...

Why do vehicles have to park on paved surfaces only? Only Amherst would require such stupidity. Space is space...