Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Frat House Frolics

Alpha Tau Gamma, 118 Sunset Avenue, Amherst

It has been a while since a frat made my party house of the weekend dishonors.  Let's hope it's even longer the next time, especially with the March 7 Blarney Blowout fast approaching.

 Levi Lilly, 19, frat Pres

In Eastern Hampshire District Court yesterday all three UMass students took the deal offered by the Commonwealth.  Stay out of trouble for the next four months and the two frat representatives pay $300 each out of the two $300 tickets issued (Noise & Nuisance).  

 Tyler Wuerthner, age 19

Mr. Wuerthner, because he was charged with "underaged drinking" was charged $100 probation fee and will be required to take the UMass BASICS alcohol education program.
Shane Bradford, 20, frat Vice Pres

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Time to focus on the school budget!