Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Dash Of Derring-Do

Dash and officer TJ Clark giving commands in Dutch

Criminals better take note:  now you can't escape by running or hiding because Dash, the newest member of Amherst Police Department can -- with his four legs -- outrun you, or with his ultra sensitive nose will sniff you out from whatever hole you choose to hide.

The 17-month-old pure bred German Shepard came to the department via a grant from the Stanton Foundation.  Officer Clark was chosen out of six APD applicants and he traveled to Pennsylvania where he chose Dash out of six available dogs.

And because he was imported from the Netherlands Dash only speaks, err, I mean, understands Dutch, which officer Clark had to learn in part.  That way in the field, Dash will not respond to someone speaking English, Spanish or Chinese. 

 Chief Livingstone (right) has been wanting a K9 program for many years  and is already talking about a second dog

They have been training together in various locations outside of Amherst since September and Chief Livingstone expects him to hit the streets in the next couple of weeks.

In time for -- dare I say it -- the March 7 Blarney Blowout.

Officer Clark rewards Dash with his toy, not food


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what the local intelligentsia will do with the symbolism (and historical implications) of the police using a German Shepherd dog.

Sometimes a dog is a dog.

But not here.

Larry Kelley said...

I'm sure the Chief knows that going in, and that's probably the main reason he was so careful with his selection process.

Anonymous said...

Dash is a happy puppy in your video. He's obviously bonded with his "Dad," leaning against him and loving the pats.

This dog is a highly trained police officer. He could be a poodle and still be a highly trained police officer. German shepherds are used because they need a job and they are very loyal to their masters.