Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weapons, Drugs & Resistance

Terrence Ware stands before Judge Charles Groce

What started out as a domestic disturbance called in by a 3rd party ended up badly for Terrence Ware Jr, although domestic abuse was not among the charges he was arraigned on yesterday in Eastern Hampshire District Court.

But because he resisted arrest (while in possession of pot and a pipe) he ended up arrested anyway. And considering he was in possession of a doubled edged knife, illegal in Massachusetts since 1972, he could also have been charged with illegal possession of a dangerous weapon.

His case was continued until March 3rd.


For those of you who are not convinced heroin is a problem, even in the innocent little college town of Amherst, take note:

This document could just as easily be a medical examiner's Death Certificate rather than a police Statement of Facts.

When you find someone passed out with two needles near his outstretched arm ... well, does Philip Seymour Hoffman ring a bell?

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Patrick Blanke, age 29, failed to show up for his original arrignment back in late June thereby triggering a warrant for his arrest, which caught up to him on Monday.

In District Court yesterday he pled guilty to the original charges and he was sentenced by Judge Groce to six months in jail.


Anonymous said...

"was unable to produce a valid prescription for" the drugs.

When a pharmacy fills a prescription, they keep the prescription -- so how is ANYONE able to give the police a piece of paper which they no longer have?

Just askin....

Anonymous said...

They can produce the bottle, or police can verify with the pharmacy or Dr.