Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DUI Dishonor Roll

The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21-25 year olds (23.4%)

In Eastern Hampshire District Court yesterday all three 21-year-olds arrested by Amherst police over the long weekend for Driving Under the Influence had pleas of "not guilty" entered in their behalf and their cases were continued: March 17th for Denis Topakov who will be hiring his own attorney, and April 7th for Andrew Giroux and Kyle Chumsea who were both assigned a Public Defender at a cost of $150.

Andrew Giroux stands before Judge Murphy
Kyle Chumsae stands before Judge Murphy
Denis Topakov stands before Judge Murphy


Anonymous said...

Don't these guys know by now, that the ol' "I had two beers" line, is a dead giveaway?RM

Larry Kelley said...

Amazing how often it is used.