Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Four Bs

The Trolley Barn, 68 Cowls Road, North Amherst

Developer Cinda Jones, never at a loss for promotion, has come up with a novel pitch to fill the last remaining floor containing two four-bedroom apartment units in the newly opened Trolly Barn in North Amherst, dubbed "Three Bettys and a Bob."

Since women outlive men by about five years, it's not overly surprising that senior women outnumber senior men so why not target this demographic more directly?

Click to enlarge/read (and put your glasses on!)

Certainly is nice to see an Amherst developer targeting a demographic other than "college aged youth."  Although us aging Wilma fans will be disappointed with the choice of Betty.


Dr. Ed said...

Cinda can't rent those lovely new apartments?


Could it be that the rental housing market is a tad softer than we are led to believe? Which, of course, would raise the larger question of if, perhaps, Dr. Ed might have been right about the inevitable implosion of Amherst's student-based economy.

Anonymous said...

Why not ANY combinations of ages as well as genders? Betty, Bob, Jim-boy, li'l' sis' and baby….