Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Modern Age Of Education

Textbook Annex:  Will continue to operate as gift shop under Follett Corp.

For generations students have dutifully lined up the first few days of school to get their expensive textbooks at the aptly named Textbook Annex.  As of this coming fall semester that quaint tradition, like using a payphone, goes the way of video rental stores.

UMass has cut a 5-year deal with Amazon, the largest Internet based retailer in the country, which will allow convenient free delivery of textbooks at an average savings of 31%.

Lower costs for quality higher education is the reason many students choose UMass/Amherst in the first place, so this deal will only enhance that attribute.

Fortunately for Amazon -- should they ever implement drone delivery -- the Amherst Town Meeting ban on drones was only advisory.  And few officials outside of Amherst listen to Town Meeting.


Prof RM said...

Leave it to the govt to do the wrong thing again. The 30% savings will be eyed by those that determine fees. If the students had the money for the books, it is now up to another university department to absorb the savings.

I wonder how many jobs that college grads could have had back in the day have been wiped out by UMASS's new corporate partner...hint, more than the 30% of all book sales at UMASS forever. What's next, a deal with the devil for heating?

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. The real question is why they did not do this with Narns and Bobble years ago.

UMass grad said...

Prof RM, the hypocrisy is astounding. Who do you think made the computer you are typing on? Drilled the oil or gas that heats your living space? That's right - a multinational corporation. And it's why you are not out there chopping wood and hunting deer to stay alive in the winter.

Corporations, while imperfect are necessary in order for economy of scale to provide more for all. Their fortunes ebb and flow (et tu, Kodak?) but there are always new ones to take their places.

Inefficiency (and if you ever had to stand in line at the "Annex" you know what I mean) will always give way eventually. Here, it's a good thing. Kids should be studying, not working a cash register or standing in line.

Walter Graff said...

Forget the drones, the nearest Amazon fulfillment center is in Boston, too far for drone delivery.

I agree UMASS grad, more power to the corps that help make all this happen.

Like the woman in Stop n Shop who yelled at me for using the self-scanners for shopping and checking out. She told me that it was taking away check-out jobs. I told her not only does each scanner create more jobs, but it creates better paying, higher level jobs.

Anonymous said...

more proof that UMass is anti-Amherst

Anonymous said...

Do they still sell those cool UMass shot glasses?

Dr. Ed said...

Don't think for an instant that this is intended to benefit the UM students -- much as they franchised the bookstore to Follett when they knew that Staples was opening a store in Hadley, my guess is that they went with Amazon because Follett neither wanted this part of the franchise anymore NOR did anyone else.

Not paying UM what UM demanded -- kinda like how UM demands 75% of all vending/washing machine revenues and the result is the poor service and lousy machines.

The place has become an overpriced gulag -- only an idiot would go there now...

Anonymous said...

Didn't Hillary say "Don't let anyone tell you that, you know, corporations create jobs?" And President Obama famously speechified: "if you have a business, You didn't build that." Can Anyone explain these statements?