Friday, January 9, 2015

Inauguration Present

 DPW Chief Guilford Mooring: rare good news for Public Works Committee last night

Even though he lost Amherst by a landslide to ultimate choke artist Martha Coakley, Charlie Baker gave our town -- and all the others in the Commonwealth -- a nice inauguration gift in his first act as Governor: releasing $100 million of the original $300 million Chapter 90 money for roads and bridges repair.

For our little college town that translates to an extra $400,000 on top of the original $817,000 already received.  And it raises hope the town will get another $1.2 million in Chapter 90 money for the upcoming Fiscal Year.

Even though he inherited a budget gap of $500 million from his Democratic predecessor the new Republican Governor made good on a campaign promise to protect local aid, citing the spin off benefits of job creation and public safety.

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As any North Amherst resident can attest, Pine Street is the BIG project yet to be completed, which still requires a finish coat this coming construction season.  The extra $400,000 will go a long way towards covering that.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Republicans. Always needed to eventually fix the mess that Democrats create. Looks like a good four years for the state.

Anonymous said...

Huh? The Democrat fixes the state economy and you're complaining? I've no problem with Baker getting some glory, but it's not like he did anything.

Larry Kelley said...

I think giving cities and towns $100 million that the State Legislature (overwhelmingly made up of Democrats) approved, in spite of $500 million in red ink inherited from Governor Patrick, IS something.

Anonymous said...

"The Democrat fixes the state economy"

Huh? What Calvin Terrel shit you smoking?

A fiscal watchdog group says the state's $325 million budget deficit may actually reach $1 billion. The Massachusetts Taxpayer's Foundation, a business-financed group, reported Thursday that its projections show the deficit could be $813 million with the potential to rise to $1 billion.

Gov. Deval Patrick had previously stated the red ink was $325 million deep. He made several unilateral spending reductions to reduce the problem and asked the Legislature to approve more cuts.
The Legislature has so far held off on acting, saying it wanted to wait until Charlie Baker takes over as governor from Patrick next month. The foundation's claims are a blow to the idea of a smooth transition to the new administration as Baker and the Legislature could immediately be burdened with fiscal crisis.

Mommy and daddy, why are you so screwed up? said...

"Huh? What Calvin Terrel shit you smoking?"


-Squeaky Squeaks

p.s. $$$$$uckerz.

Anonymous said...

One hand may give, but another has to take. While a very visible gesture, this money has to come from something else.

It will be interesting to see what "we" will have to give up but I doubt we will notice!

Anonymous said...

What does the Dobelle mess at Westfield University cost the State? What does the football program cost the state? What do paid vacations called sabbaticals cost the state? The State never cuts the fat,just cuts to the bone the essential services. Hopefully this new leader will know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please stop these free year-long vacations for professors. I'll write the Governor about just that today.

Anonymous said...

Governor Baker: "We have spending problem." Glad someone can admit it.

Anonymous said...

Checked Cushman Market for a bumper sticker when the road was dirt...

They hadn't had them in awhile...

Was hoping to secure one for my daughter who experienced two flat tires (pot holes) on Pine in the same night.

I then instructed her to straddle the yellow line- the safest way to travel the streets of Amherst!