Thursday, January 15, 2015

Box Alarm Station Road

Chicken coop was a total loss

AFD responded to a chicken coop fire this afternoon up a very steep incline on Station Road, bordering on the town of Belchertown.

Originally the box alarm indicated the structure fully engulfed and threatening the nearly residence, but Chief Nelson arrived first on scene to report that it was relatively a safe 30 or 40 feet away.

Chief is not above helping with hose

Just as the hoses were being charged, another fire alarm came in from Amherst College and engaged Engines 2 and 4.  Thus at that moment four engines were engaged with pretty much the entire on duty staffing.

Engine 1 had primary

Engine 3 Student Call Force provided back up further down the hill

Once the water flowed the fire was quickly snuffed out


Anonymous said...

So I guess we'll be having chicken for dinner tonight.

If I had that kind of money I wouldn't be raising chickens said...

Quite a nice house. Any word about the chickens?

Larry Kelley said...

I don't think it was an active chicken coop. I did not see any chickens running around

Anonymous said...

That's because the chickens were killed....