Monday, November 24, 2014

Restorative Justice

Kyle Kielbasa and Attorny Kokonowski stand before Judge William O'Grady this morning

Kyle Kielbasa, 28, came to terms with the Commonwealth this morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court for two separate arrests made by Amherst Police. The first on the day of the infamous Blarney Blowout, where Mr. Kielbasa was waiving a handgun around near Rafter's and The Hanger Pub & Grill while under the influence of alcohol.  A l-o-t of alcohol!

And the equally serious incident seven months later, a roll over drunk driving accident on Bay Road that took out a utility pole and closed the busy road for the night. 

His lawyer told Judge O'Grady that he was prepared to vigorously fight the first charge and had already prepared a "motion to suppress" evidence: the gun and extra ammo clips recovered in the car on March 8th.  But Mr. Kielbasa told him "No, I need help" (with alcohol problem).

Assistant District Attorney Bob Opsitnik recommended the "Restorative Justice Program" and two years probation with a requirement for continuing with therapy for the gun charge; and a standard 24D disposition, with $600 in fines, loss of license for 45 days, one-year probation ($65/month cost) and alcohol screenings plus two weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the Driving Under the Influence charge.

The Judge agreed.  

Kyle Kielbasa's right to carry a weapon was also revoked after the first incident.

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