Monday, November 24, 2014

Going, Going ...

DPW gingerly lifts Amherst Chamber Welcome building 

The iconic, so-ugly-it's-cute building that has squatted on the town common for as long as anybody can remember was quickly and efficiently moved this afternoon by the DPW to a location on Sunset Avenue.  


The rumor that Walter Jones sneaked it onto a concrete pad poured overnight can be somewhat disproved as there was not a concrete pad under the building.

 Note dirt floor



Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Williams and Wilson are putting up a 5 story apt complex there using the same footprint. Let's get rid of this old junk and beatify Amherst.

Larry Kelley said...

They really are wizards when it comes to utilizing space.

Anonymous said...

Beatify? Lol. Despite how some view the town, we're not quite ready for sainthood.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Jack Kerouak... but I think we're already there.