Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Haze (Alcohol That Is)

AFD Engines Fine Arts Center awaiting ambulance to transport ETOH student 1:15 am

One can only wonder how much worse it could have been if Mother Nature had not played the role  first-responders-best-friend by providing rain right about the time parties are getting warmed up. And on Halloween, the parties are ubiquitious as pumpkins on a front porch.

 Hampshire Halloween fireworks 8:00 pm

Hampshire Halloween, the biggest event of the year for Hampshire College, was far less intoxicating than last year when AFD had six transports for ETOH.

This year AFD Chief Nelson required 2 out-of-town ambulances stage on scene, just as they did for the recent Fantazia concert at the Mullins Center.

South Hadley and Easthampton ambulances were easily able to keep up with demand, as only three patrons required transport to Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Medics on the scene also treated and released three more.

UMass, however, staggered to a new record, easily surpassing last year's 9 transports for intoxication. This year there were 13 transports, half again as many!

Interestingly male immaturity, as it often does, predominated: 12 of the 13 transports were (young) men. Another three patients (2 men, 1 woman) were treated and released for too much alcohol.

Fortunately Mother Nature continues to smile on our beleaguered first responders, as tonight promises to be the proverbial "dark and stormy night."

Just two of many ETOH incidents after midnight Halloween


Adam Sweet said...

I heard from someone that was there, that there were no buses running back to UMass / Amherst College after the dance was over. Several people had to walk back. It was cold!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if Adam Sweet says it, it must be true! He's the epitome of honesty (and shadow/defaming accounts).

Anonymous said...

Yup. He lives in S Hadley but for some reason is obsessed with Amherst, just has to have his say. He's a hater and a loser and a lame poll starter. Did you think you could hide behind your shadow account and we wouldn't know it's you on fb and masslive and the blogs?

Anonymous said...

Adam Sour.

Anonymous said...

Adam, are you Jaf BM, jafbm, Adam R Sweet and Adam Sweet?

Why do you have so many shadow accounts?

Did you start the poll about the Amherst superintendent resigning?

What are you up to?