Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Frightening Weekend?

 Massachusetts State PD joined APD over the weekend

A combination of not-overly-great weather and a fleet of Massachusetts State Police troopers combined to keep rowdyism at bay over the Halloween weekend in our little college town.  As usual alcohol was the instigator for the vast majority of public safety responses.

Assistant Town Manager Dave Ziomek did a "ride along" on Halloween night with APD Captain Jen Gunderson and was amazed at the seamless team work on display between not only our understaffed local police and fire departments, but also their interaction with MSP and UMPD.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Judge Payne sorted out the Amherst weekend arrests with the usual array of continuations (for more serious DUI offenses) or for Cameron Kingsbury a "Diversion" from criminal to civil where he pays the town noise bylaw fee of $300 (with the $300 "nuisance" ticket dropped), $100 court costs and four months probation.

Cameron Kingsbury, age 22, stands before Judge Payne
AFD arriving at Salem Place 12:25 am  for intoxicated underage male

UMPD alcohol enforcement Lincoln Avenue 11:30 PM

MSP alcohol enforcement 12:10 am
MSP alcohol enforcement 12:47 am


Anonymous said...

There weren't any pvta busses running between Hampshire, Amherst College and UMass after a certain hour. When the Hampshire Dance let out, several throngs of young people had to walk back to UMass.

Did someone make a mistake and not plan for that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah…the walkers

Anonymous said...


Dr. Ed said...

And when the students fail to arrive some fall, you will know why...

Anonymous said...

Sure, Ed, sure. How's that job hunting going?

Dr. Ed said...

Dr. Ed's got all the work he can handle right now, thank you.

Larry -- seen this?

Say what you want about alcohol but dead's dead and this isn't that far from the percentage of fatal crashes caused by OUI...

Anonymous said...

At least this kid had the cajones to face the cops unlike his buddies