Monday, October 17, 2011

Party House (s) of the Weekend

49 Fearing Street, Amherst (owned by Frank and Sue Hugus)

Nothing as outrageous as urination from a second story window or assaulting a police cruiser seeking release of four wild woman friends taken into custody, just the standard loud noise and underage drinking. Loud enough to disturb neighbors who call the Amherst Police Department to seek relief. And relief they get.

According to APD narrative: 12:38 AM (early Sunday morning):

"Large group of people on front porch, front lawn and in roadway in front of munter 49. Upon attemtping to locate a resident, doors were slammed and locked, residents refused to speak with officers. Officers located and identified three residents who were placed under arrest for the noise."
Nicholas Petrisis, 28 Upper Palmer Rd, Monson, MA, age 21
Garrett Jones, 22 Eagleville Rd, Orange, MA, age 21
David Decoteau, 22 Candice Circle, Springfield, MA, age 21
675 Main Street, Amherst

Since 675 Main Street is a repeat offender all five residents were given both "noise" and "nuisance house" violations, or $600 each offender for a total of $3,000 to that one household.

Tyler Hunt, 4 Rainbow Circle, Bourne, MA, age 19
Joseph Johnson, 8 Sabbatt Rd, Bourne, MA age 20
Mark Ventresco, 10 Maple Ave, Sharon, MA, age 19
Mitchell Ganz, 8 Terrence Dr, Manalapan, NJ, age 19
Joseph Fanella, 215 Pebble Beach Ct, Holmdel, NJ, age 20

Property owner card for 675 Main Street, Amherst

Meanwhile, for anyone wondering why the Amherst flags are at half staff today:

Governor Patrick has ordered the American and Commonwealth Flags lowered to half-staff on October 17, 2011 from sunrise to sunset in honor of Specialist Steven E. Gutowski of Plymouth, Massachusetts Staff who died in Afghanistan on September 28, 2011

He was 24.


Anonymous said...

If we get enough of these, we're going to see some real money.

Thanks, wild, impulsive, uncontrollable noise-makers.

But we'd prefer the quiet to the money.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the judges are waiving the fines in court.

Can you confirm or deny this?

LarryK4 said...

This past Fiscal Year (ended June 30) the town took in $55,000 or so in fines:
Noise, $24,735; Nuisance, $10,200; and Open Container, $20,235.

Not much waiving going on.

Anonymous said...

The cops aint there to make $. Cops making $ for the town = the beginning of a REAL problem.. if you are too blind to see it, then you have NO idea of what I type

LarryK4 said...

For sure. It's not like the money even stays in the police budget.

For instance that $55,000 in ticket revenues last fiscal year could have funded another police officer, which the department could sure as hell use.

Anonymous said...

The problem dries up and blows away if and when students begin to respect their neighbors. It's as simple as that. This too shall pass as soon as students figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Another example of young men dying to benefit the corporate interests that supports the rich. Soon we will have pulled out of this fiefdom that has a puppet dictator that we installed, whose brother was a drug lord. We are sending our patriotic youth to die for nothing but corporate greed and American imperialism.

LarryK4 said...

Silly me. I was thinking he was only 24--not much older than the kids arrested by APD for bothering their neighbors.

A "freedom" I would like to think Specialist Steven E. Gutowski did NOT die for.

Ed said...

Larry -- two things.

First, what percentage of the fines are paid (with Daddy's $$$) by kids who don't even go to court? How many are actually being paid by kids who contest them through both the showcause & trial?

Second, why don't you post a photo of the OWNER'S HOUSE? Particularly when it is someone local (eg this case) there is nothing like your own home being posted to be an incentive to deal with your rental properties...

Start posting "Slumlord of the Week" features and a lot of things will change... If it is change you really want...

Anonymous said...

"A "freedom" I would like to think Specialist Steven E. Gutowski did NOT die for."

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Read the entire post Ed, he posts the property owner's card which lists the property owners name.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and I've been meaning to stop into Town Hall to look up the owner of 47-49 Fearing Street as they took the trouble to opt out of the assessor's on line data base.

Kyle Arrington said...

This honestly makes me sick. I am by no means a wild partier, and I may not agree with all of the crazy things people do off campus. But for you to publicly post not only their names, but their home addresses is shameful. You're accomplishing nothing but humiliating these people for making mistakes (however big they may have been), and making an ass of yourself.

You talk about the lack of education that comes from Umass. I implore you to take a look at some other Massachusetts state schools. I am a transfer student from Worcester State "University". My freshman year consisted of classes that made me feel as if I was back in middle school. College writing classes where I learned all about basic sentence and paragraph structure. A statistics class where the professor went over concepts at the speed of molasses. I met a psychology major in his junior year who still confused Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. The partying may have been much more tame, but the education was truly a joke.

The students may be reckless on weekends, but during the week the majority of them take their education seriously. Students are taking real, rigorous courses which require dedication and hard work to succeed in: something which is more rare than you'd think. On weekends, they are taking advantage of their new found independence, and yes, they're bound to make some poor decisions along the way; it comes with the territory. But for you to waste your time publicly bashing them makes you more of a child than they could ever dream of being. I don't know what has made you so bitter, but this is not the way to resolve your issues.

LarryK4 said...

"Students are taking real, rigorous courses which require dedication and hard work to succeed in: something which is more rare than you'd think."

You may want to hire a copy editor Kyle.

Although, "shameful" hits the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on posting a reply to Kyle that does not address his argument AT ALL, LarryK4! You sure dodged a bullet there! ;)

Anonymous said...

Student makes a valid point about these posts you're making and you attack his grammar mistakes? The only thing shameful here is the fact that you're dodging the point of his comment. UMass is a large school with thousands of students. There will always be troublemakers, but is this really a constructive way for you to deal with it? Tsk tsk, sir.

LarryK4 said...

I sure seem to be getting the troublemakers attention.

Anonymous said...

I'm a resident at this house and I'd really appreciate it if you took the names down. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish with this blog, especially by trying to embarrass college students who have a future and are in the middle of the interview process. I was at a concert on this night and came back to find random stragglers from the street all around my house, on the porch, and in my kitchen. The police arrived at the same time as me and made the decision to arrest me because I am a resident here. Being arrested for something I am not responsible for is punishment enough. For small minded bloggers like yourself to continue this embarrassment by listing our names and addresses for the public to see is taking it to another level. You don't know any of the residents here and what kind of people we are. I don't care if you have the house on your blog, but it would be respectful to remove the names.

Anonymous said...

They demand respect, Larry.

I find it interesting that the publishing of the home addresses really strikes a nerve. Any chance we can get them published in their hometown newspapers?

Remember: this is a free-fire zone in their minds, separate from their past lives and any sense of responsibility. The Wild West, if you will.

How dare you violate that sacred trust, Larry.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, the old "What happens in Vegas" routine, except in this case the Power of Google spreads it far and wide (for a very long time).

Anonymous said...

I am not posting on this to start an argument or to cause trouble. I am just saying that it is unnecessary for a blogger to give extra publicity to this story about students you do not know and to something you are not affected by. The newspaper has it published, so why go even further to damage the reputations of students you don't know? I agree the situation was out of control and it should have been broken up, and now the matter is resolved. I don't see the need to publish students names for this. We are all doing positive things in the classroom and interviewing for jobs, and we do not need unnecessary publicity about a noise complaint. This is my last post and last viewing of the blog, but I hope you find some reason to take down the names unless your ultimate goal is to harm the reputation of several students and potentially put their futures in jeopardy due to a simple noise complaint.

LarryK4 said...

Actually the time/date stamp on this post was Monday 9:46 AM.

The Gazette went cyber with their version around 11:30 AM (and in print the following morning) and if you check back over the past year you will see that I ALWAYS publish first.

So it is the Gazette who gave this story "extra publicity."

Take it up with them. (You're all done with me anyway.)

Kyle Arrington said...

I legitimately cannot comprehend how anyone can behave the way you do. You have not only completely ignored every point I made in my comment, but have managed to avoid actually addressing any of the concerns these students have brought up. Do you not understand that you are potentially ruining lives and careers with these blog posts? Or is it just unfathomable to you that these are actual people who made some bad decisions (or in the case of the anonymous resident a few comments up, was in the wrong place at the wrong time), and still have their whole lives ahead of them?

If you're going to be this much of an asshole, you should at least have the balls to actually respond to our arguments instead of smugly pointing out one flaw in our writing, and calling it a day.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to post the home addresses of these students? That is dangerous.

LarryK4 said...

Because I can, Anon; because I can. (I also publish the landlords names and addresses.)

I'm just a mirror, Kyle: Don't go blaming the mirror.

Amanda said...


I know you "can" post these students names and home addresses, but just curious as to your reasoning behind that?

Just a point to consider: there are some angry unstable people out there, and if there was a disgruntled neighbor living in the area who was upset with the way the members of this house has been behaving, who may not be fully stable to make coherent decisions abotu acting out their anger in a safe way, it's not very safe to arm them with students full names and addresses to their own homes, where their families reside.

I understand the idea behind what you're doing as a whole, and I may not necessarily agree with it, but it's your right to speak of public disturbances.

However, maybe you should consider how much information you want to supply about students, knowing it may fall into the wrong hands, and you helped them obtain it? Just a thought... We may not agree with decisions others make in their youth, but I hope we are all in agreement that we want to keep these kids safe so they can continue to grow, stay safe, and give them the opportunity to make better decisions in the future.

LarryK4 said...

Yes Amanda, we are all in agreement on that.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear it Larry. I hope that for the safety of students and their family you at least consider a compromise such as changing to posting only their first name and hometown and not last names and exact address, so we can ensure safety?

Also, being a young adult college student myself, I HIGHLY suggest to all the college students responding on here, that you respond in a more professional and positive manner. Swearing and calling "Larry" an idiot or an asshole isn't helping prove your case, and if someone was swearing and insulting you, would you be likely to grant their wishes, would you? Probably not...

Anonymous said...

Anon 9 am:

I'm sorry, you're worried about a disgruntled neighbor finding out just exactly who his/her neighbors are? My, this turns personal accountability on its head.

So, you're admitting that some forms of student behavior might cause permanent residents to be furious.

Well, I guess that's progress.

You can reason this to death, but there's simply no escaping the need for students to figure out how to live peaceably with their neighbors. It can be done. In fact, it is done in certain neighborhoods in Amherst.

amanda said...

Being held accountable for your actions was NOT a topic that I argued against anywhere in my statement. I did NOT disagree with the fact that these students were fined for their disturbances, now did I?

In fact, I completely agree with that, and would expect that to happen. Being a college student myself, I understand that situations can become very disturbing for others, and they should legally be addressed IN A SAFE MANNER FOR ALL.

Nor did I disagree with the discussion that students need to learn to behave more appropriately according to their surroudings and respect their neighbors.

What I AM disagreeing with is providing unnecessary amounts of an individual students personal information SUCH AS their home address where OTHER members of their family (who have no involvement in the mishap) are living, and could potentially be put at risk.

So I think you need to take another look at what i'm trying to get across here.

I don't understand why people on here feel the need to attack others. Clearly you've dealt with these situations and find them frustrating, but being rude hasn't resolved any of it yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the "what happens in Amherst stays in Amherst" mentality has got to stop. This problem is not of our making.

Despite what the student posters may believe, many of us are absolutely awestruck by the abilities of some of the students who come to our town to spend four years. We listen to them in concerts; we watch them in theatre productions and in sporting events. We hear about their academic achievements.

But that does not give anybody the right to throw things at our police, keep other residents up at all hours of the night, and vandalize property and litter the landscape. If publishing the names of these miscreants acts as a deterrent, so be it.