Monday, October 31, 2011

The Day After

Amherst Town Center, Amity Street, Sunday morning

This storm will go down in history for wreaking havoc of an economic and social kind, but amazingly it was not the serial killer it could have been. The town's Wi-Fi is now back up, having been down since late Saturday night.

I hope somebody considers a capital item to purchase a generator for Town Hall to keep it up during a power failure as these days so very many people have mobile devices that could have tapped into the web to communicate with loved ones, or just get an update on the storm and its aftermath.

College Street early Sunday morning

Amherst College lost mostly large branches

Gas Station on College Street
Street light beheaded in Town Center (12 hours later became hazard with power return)
Grove of birch trees bow down to the weight of the storm
New fence around Emily Dickinson Homestead took a few hits
Dickinson Street
Cumberland Farms on College Street: about the only store open with power and mobbed, running out of gas around 3:00 PM

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Anonymous said...


To: John Musante, Town Manager

From: John Q. Public

How about awarding a special prize to the last household without power in Amherst? No property taxes for a year.

Sure would make the shivering more bearable.