Sunday, October 16, 2011

When Ideologies Clash

Amherst Town Common 12:30 PM

South Pleasant Street/Town Center 1:30 PM

Opposing chants of "USA! USA!" vs. "We are the 99%!" echoed across Amherst town common this afternoon, briefly interrupted by the loud thud of a driver--distracted by attempting to photograph the confrontation--rear ending another car.
Note to Jeep driver: No photos while driving

Occupy Amherst staked out the green on the south common directly in front of the Lord Jeff Inn around noon as around 50-60 people turned out to show solidarity with the original occupiers of Wall Street--a peoples movement that has now become a cultural phenomena.

The Tea Party (Western Mass 9/12 Project), about half the size of Occupy Amherst, claimed asphalt about 50 yards to the west more directly in town center--although a couple dozen yards south of the regular anti-war Sunday afternoon peace activists who have called the corner of South Pleasant and Main Street home for forty years now.

Amherst Town Center Main/S Pleasant 12:10 PM

And if that were not enough activism for one sunny Sunday afternoon in downtown Amherst, a few independent contractors--one bordering on anti-Semitic--also came to question the official common sense conclusion of the 9/11 Commission.
A women in the "Occupy" camp asked him to move away--far away from them

All in all, a glorious day for Democracy in the People's Republic of Amherst.


Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer the little people.

Looks like a good day for the establishment.

When people are screaming at each other, they're less aware who's really screwing them.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, good point. If you add up all three protest groups (anti-war, Occupy, Tea Party) were only talking about 100 people.

Or about 4 people per square mile of Amherst. Not much of an Occupation--if even they ALL acted in unison.

Anonymous said...

larry kelly how much do you read your grammer book? its the only thing your good at.

Ed said...

This is why people neutered the UM Republican Club -- were this a decade ago, there would be 20-50 more people singing the Star Spangled Banner (WAY off key) and waving American flags.

Anonymous said...

To Anon. October 16, 2011 10:29 PM

It's a blog, not fine literature. If you don't like Larry's grammar, start your own blog. You can call it the Grammar Police. You dickhead.

Guiltyville's finger pointers said...

Anxiety wracked geezers on one last wounded ego, fantasy of self importance protest before succumbing to bad oral hygene and/or obesity related heart failure.

Aw, isn't that sweet. Amherst's own retooled 99%.


Anonymous said...


Rick Hood's empire said...

Rick Hood is a 99%er.

And a powerful consensus builder.


Anonymous said...

Lunacy on display. I guess youre not allowed to live in Amherst unless you have a sign to hold up. Hey 9/11 truthers, it was amusing for a while, now it's just pathetic, so drop it, OK?

Anonymous said...

Always the problem:

There is something real going on for ordinary, sane Americans to be mad about.

But the impulse to take to the streets then brings out every crackpot in town, including the truthers and the anti-Semites.

And then it becomes lunacy by association.

Anonymous said...

It is terrible when people exercise their right of free expression. I hate that.

Dale said...

"It is terrible when people exercise their right of free expression. I hate that."

I think everyone should be able to exercise their rights. The problem is there are some that don't know when to shut up and listen instead of waving signs and shouting all the time. Yes there are many evils out there that need addressing and thank god there a people willing to investigate these things on both sides of the argument, but let's be realistic there are some sign wavers that are so tunnel visioned with their causes they couldn't see a viable solution if it hit them smack between the eyes. All they see is the solution the way they want it and nothing lesser will do. This happens on both ends of the spectrum. Larry I'm sure would love to see the flags flying as much as possible, where the other end of the spectrum would burn them all, so a middle ground must be met.

So, long story short if you sit there screaming "Jews suck and should burn in hell" your going to be met with some very hostile opposition, and the funniest part is how these types of people look at you and go "what did I do" when they are confronted with their actions or make "Freedom of speach" claims. there is a limit to some peoples vebal diahria that many will not accept and will miss the intended message due to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

As soon as you put up a sign with the phrase "Jew Media" or "Death Penalty for Netanyahu" or suggesting some bizarre conspiracy theory for 9/11, well, you've lost me, and I can't stand there with you, no matter what other legitimate grievances about our government and our society I may share with you.

Find the common ground, and there is plenty these days.

Anonymous said...

Rick Hood is the 1% of the 1% that makes one think that perhaps an occupy movement is justified....