Saturday, October 29, 2011

Battle stations

9:00 PM

While Amherst public safety personnel were on high alert this Halloween weekend for the plethora of loud drunken parties expected, the situation changed dramatically this afternoon as a winter storm rolled in, felling trees and limbs--many of them also taking down power and phone lines resulting in electrical outages, transformer fires, and impassable roads.

DPW road crews--especially the tree division--and crews from WMECO have joined the battle. It's going to be a very l-o-n-g night.


Anonymous said...

Since early this a.m. (7ish), there was loud music blasting from the UMass Stadium for most of the day, even while the weather was storming. Why? I have no idea. I understand on a day like today all the authorities being busy with bigger problems but as someone who lives about a mile from the stadium, it has been quite annoying (and worse no doubt for residents living closer by). It's still unclear to me why such cacophony was allowed in the first place.

Ed said...

And you very well may get the riot that your boys can't deal with -- Amherst, MA may well join Kent, OH in infamy from tragedy.

The problem with maintaining authority via force and not respect is that when you are overwhelmed, all hell breaks loose.

There has already been a brief outage on the line that goes through downtown -- loose that and all hell will break loose.

Larry, it isn't that I didn't warn about this. I still hope I am wrong, but your town is gonna get what it asked for...

Ed said...

Larry -- is the DPW looking for volunteers to help get the trees out of the roads?

I am quite serious.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Ed. Thanks again for your latest false alarm. You're right up there with the guy that predicts the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

So Ed...the national guard is getting called in and is planning on shooting someone? Ignorant nitwit

Ed said...

Hey, I was wrong -- and will admit it. I thought all hell would break loose once the lights (and cameras and the rest) went out.

UM students aren't quite as bad as even *I* thought. What does that say folks?

And I ask again -- why no problems on Halloween. The beer stores were open, I am sure there were parties, why no problems?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me when one of Ed's prophecies of doom has come true?