Monday, May 23, 2011

Party House of the weekend

219 Amity Street

Yes, now that UMass graduation is done the party house pickings will be pretty slim. And the students who show enough initiative to attend summer classes are probably not of the party demographic that wreaks havoc 7 or 8 months out of the year.

But we do have a (rooming) house of bothersome note that was issued a warning by APD, owned by James Cherewatti of Eagle Crest Management where police are all too often called to babysit. This morning at 5:36 AM for instance, where five males were frolicking in a home made hot tube. Beer for breakfast anyone?

Now I think I know why town officials choose the house next door two years ago to enforce the town bylaw preventing more than four unrelated persons living together. It was not the residents at the 265 Amity Street location (all five young ladies were Mother Teresa types) it was more the owner of neighboring 219 Amity, James Cherewatti, the town was trying to send a stern message.

UPDATE (1:30 PM): Turns out I mixed up Amity with 219 E. Pleasant Street--another party house--in the background article from two years ago. Hard to keep them all straight.


Anonymous said...

It appears the party house just doesn't know when to stop. This same house had a student fall off the roof and face plant a stump. I'm sure he's going to have some fond memories of his college years. As soon as he sobers up and barring he doesn't have brain damage now!

Kathy Whitney said...

What ever the circumstance, a young man sustaining such a terrible injury is tragic. It was not a roof fall, and I pray the young man makes a full recovery.