Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dogs will be dogs

Ten years ago when horses escaped from Muddy Brook Farm and took to the streets, animal welfare officer Carol Hepburn safely rounded them up. Owner Barry Roberts sent her a $50 restaurant gift certificate as a thank you but police chief Charlie Sherpa suggested she return it to avoid the appearance of an ethics violation. A minor loss considering an idea was born.

Ms Hepburn set up a tax deductible account care of the town of Amherst with all monies put towards capital items that benefits animals. Last week she installed this year's purchase which makes life easier for dog owners and the general public who share green space with those dogs.

The compact commercial quality receptacles dispense biodegradable bags for convenient pick up and storage of dog waste. The units, costing $229 each, were installed last week at Groff Park, Puffers Pond, Wentworth Farm, Mill River recreation, and Amethyst Brook conservation area.

Amherst Animal Control officer Carol Hepburn


Anonymous said...

We are blessed to have Carol. She's the best!

DaveMB said...

Hey, Larry, thanks for reporting this.

LarryK4 said...

No problem. Groff Park is practically in my backyard (and Carol is a neighbor)

Anonymous said...

We are blessed to have Carol. She's the best!
agree and double that!!!!!!
no one better than carol

Anonymous said...

There's no question about it: We have the best with Carol!