Saturday, May 21, 2011

APD Open House

My daughter Jada wanted to see where the police keep the "bad robbers"--especially the ones involved with a rash of Breaking & Entering that has plagued the community for almost a year. Even at age four she is savvy enough to remind me at night to lock the doors. Today's open house afforded us the perfect opportunity to tour the station. Unfortunately, the bad people were not handcuffed in a holding cell.

Toilets are practically indestructible

Hobart Hoedown Wagon

No horse patrol but we have (2) Harley's


Ed said...

OK Larry, I would have been over there myself had they advertised this. But let me as *YOU* the question that no one in the APD has yet been able to answer -- what is the TOTAL number of people they can put into those cells? Exactly how many cells do they have (I haven't gotten the same number twice) and what is the stated capacity?

My guess: two figures. And UM students number in five figures. Enough said?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, they were a tad crowded the night the Hobart Hoedown did not happen.

Anonymous said...

Is that her on the motorcycle? Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing the photos Larry.

LarryK4 said...

No, she was too shy to get on for me. That's her in the first photo standing next to the electronic sign you can't read in full sunlight.

Anonymous said...

@ Ed- Why dont you hop on over to the APD Blog site,

and ask them yourself... orrr

Anonymous said...

And how much money could the police have saved the town by purchasing less expensive motorcycles?

Buying Harleys is like buying cadilllacs for police carss.

There are just as good solutions for a lot less money!

Anonymous said...

Buying Harleys is like buying cadilllacs for police carss.
Or like buying a large sedan for parking enforcement. (Don't the parking officers folks walk?

It's the Amherst way-- don't worry about spending tax money.