Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Elephants: the same all over the country

Another losing Amherst golf course (New York)

Funny how public recreation folks all think alike. Ten years ago the now defunct Cherry Hill Golf Advisory Committee wanted to a borrow millions to replace the condemned clubhouse with a Taj Mahal like structure including 5 star restaurant.

Fortunately that was downsized to a $286,000 loan for a Wal Mart quality Clubhouse that still managed to overrun its budget by 30% and a new irrigation system. The Finance Committee promised the improvements would lead to revenues falling from the heavens like manna; and of course Cherry Hill then went into its seven-year tailspin averaging over $100-K losses per year.

Now-a-days capital improvements (that are charged to a separate part of the town budget so it does not show up as an operation cost of the business) are limited to little things like the $15,000 two years ago for a security fence and above ground fuel storage tank.

Not sure if the security fence is to protect from terrorists detonating the storage tank, or just a visual screen so Hilda Greenbaum doesn't complain about the industrial view. But that open space looks big enough to drive a golf cart through...


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, the town acquired Cherry Hill, which is a marvelous golf course and a wonderful town asset. Everything need upkeep, including the soccer fields, town hall and Groff Park. It's just the copst of having a nice town. Get over it, Larry, and move on.

LarryK4 said...

"Acquired it". Hmmm... I like that.

You forgot the mention the acquisition cost of the landtaking (for emergency purposes no less) of $2.2 million in 1987 dollars.