Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A better reminder

The family of Misty Bassi have found a most noble way to honor her short life and remember her long after the Ghost Bike disappeared from the location of her horrible demise almost one year ago.

If there is such a thing as a perfect fit for the Happy Valley Misty Bassi was it. Like a lot of folks, Umass was both her place of employ and place for finding herself through education. Now with this scholarship others like her will have a chance to better themselves the same way Misty did, and if life is fair, get the opportunity to put that degree to work.

Only days after graduating from the University Without Walls program while on route to work on Memorial Day--when most Americans were celebrating a day off, her path intersected with a 75-year old woman driving while distracted by tears.

For Misty's friends and family, the tears continue to this day.

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Anonymous said...

Could you provide a link to any UMass pages devoted the Misty Bassi fund, such as one which facilitates on-line donations?

- Your Friend

Anonymous said...

It is good she is still being remembered, and I would be interested in donating to the fund set up in her memory. I fear that such incidents may become more prevalent as the numbers of older drivers and the number of distracted drivers continues to soar.

Mel said...

Contact the University Without Walls program at UMass ( to inquire about donating funds towards the scholarship in Misty's name. Thank you SO much for caring.

Thanks for this blog post, too.

Mel said...

I found more information regarding donations to Misty's scholarship. They can be found at