Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a little respect

And let's remember Army Maj. Steven Hutchison as well

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Subject: Your majestic American flag on Chapel Hill

Hey Tony,

So Wednesday was one of those state-wide local edicts issued by our Governor to fly the flag at half-staff, commemorating the ultimate sacrifice of Massachusetts resident Explosive Ordinance Disposalman John Trahan, age 22--and with that "job description" you can imagine how he died (at least it was quick

today is Peace Officers' Day--and the President of the United States has ordered all flags to half-staff to commemorate those men and women in blue who have also given up their "last measure of devotion" to keep us safe.

Your flag on Chapel Hill is the most prominent in Amherst. Could you maybe please (since the College tends to bring it down to half-staff for employees) subscribe to the
Mass state listserve for those rare occasions when the Governor orders it down, and also observe the Federal ones as well (also rare) for flag protocol? Memorial Day is coming up.

Top be perfectly honest, it's kind of embarrassing.

Larry Kelley

Previous Amherst College observances


Anonymous said...

Give it a rest, nobody but u really cares, I am sorry to say. But I do respect your tenacity though.

Anonymous said...


On the scale of sins, where does this rank?

Not as high as your deeply personal attacks (like the ones about weight) on certain elected officials. Hopefully, there's a local priest who hears about those.

LarryK4 said...

True enough, you freakin Anonymous, cowardly Nitwit (s).

Not overly high on the list of Cardinal Sins (canceling ‘West Side Story’, or refusing to fly the 29 American flags on 9/11 in 2004,2005,2006,2007 to commemorate 3,000 Americans slaughtered that awful day springs to mind as MAJOR sins.)

Or perhaps—equally worse—banning the outgoing Police Chief and Fire Chief, after many years of dedicated service, the use of town equipment to escort them as Parade Grand Marshal's in the July 4'th Parade.

Anonymous said...

Americans slaughtered by Americans.

fly it upside down.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Larry, ShaftAss wants to put the new engine in the parade to show what a great job he did, inpurchasing the damn thing, but nothing else can roll. Ain't that a kick in the ass? That is from an inside source, so it must be right.

Until later..............