Tuesday, May 19, 2009

July 4 Parade fiasco: the prequel

The Republican reports--again!

Princess Stephanie Reports: Comments are the best!

So I feel a tad like the new Star Trek movie: earlier I uploaded the 7:35 PM 'Town Manager Report' and now (a few minutes past midnight) I've just uploaded the opening 6:30 PM 'Question Period'.

But ACTV screwed up the live broadcast, so I only just now got ahold of the digital version of the first part of the meeting (although obviously I was there in the flesh).


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Larry. I love you.

Unril later...............

Bikeracer said...

What is his rational for not having a truck in the parade? It's not like it has a long trip to make. Is there any other city in the country that bans town equipment from its parade?

Bikeracer said...

If money is an issue we could raise private funds so that the fire chief could march in the parade. In fact I would donate another $25 to prevent the Town Manager from marching in the parade.

LarryK4 said...

Your welcome Ethel. I love you too.

Bikeracer: It is sheer mean spirited vengeance and Napoleonic ego on Mr. Shaffer's part. And NO this is yet another "Only in Amherst" episodes.

Anonymous said...

"I support your decision," said board chairwoman Stephanie J. O'Keeffe. "As individuals we feel a lot of different ways about the parade," she said.Apparently, O'Keefe is supporting the Town Mananger's decision to block the use of town fire equipment in the Amherst 7/4 parade.

At the same time, she intends to march in the parade becuase she wants to. Does she not recognize the implicit contradiction in her position to tolerate Shaffer's purposeless, stubborn and punitive policy DIRECTED AT ONE PRIVATE GROUP'S CONSTITUTIONAL 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS while herself enjoying the public exposure that elected officials require to maintain office? She is using the parade to her benefit while not addressing the pointless policy the town manager (who reports to her) has erected?

I think local government is trying to abridge the freedom of expression of the parade committee. Any constitutional lawyers out there want to comment?

Parade committee officials have said they're disappointed by the situation, but have no plans to change their policy that allows groups to participate bearing a single sign telling the group's identity.

LarryK4 said...

Bill Newman, Director of the ACLU's Western Massachusetts' office already commented in writing to the town mangler and told him in no uncertain terms that the People's Republic could not "take over" the July 4'th Parade and box out the private group who has done it since 2002 after the town abandoned it in 1976.

Sadly, the town manager can withhold town equipment and use that to blackmail the July 4'th Parade Committee.

And yes, Princess Stephanie wants to have her cake and eat it to.

Anonymous said...

I hope people exercise their right to free speech, and as Larry marches, they thank him for ruining the 4th of July parade. I wonder if he realizes that he may be the single most hated person in Amherst? Seriously, there is not much that differring political spectrums can agree on in this town, but it is pretty universal that this guy is a bad fit for this town.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and what his "bosses" the Select Board should also consider is he's having hip replacement surgery on 7/13 (originally scheduled for 6/30); and with the PR pounding he's going to take over the next six weeks not to mention the reception he's going to get during the Parade, it will not do much for his blood pressure.

And you don't want to go into major surgery with high blood pressure.

Sara said...

I plan to have my signs ready to show Shaffer and the select board how I feel. You will hear my boo's!! Go Larry. Keep up the good work. If you didn't question things, who would??

LarryK4 said...

Thanks Sara, will do.

Although in the People's Republic, we do have a lot of Swedish import cars with "Question Authority" bumper stickers.

Probably only applies to Republican "authority", however.

Anonymous said...

Intersting that you perceive Amherst to be such a wacky town, where only in Amherst could such crazy things happen.

Dude, you are right up there with all of those things you point to. How many towns do you think have someone who spends so much time being the cranky old man, decades before he got old?

Help us Obi Wan Larry. You're our only hope.

If you didn't question the incredible powers of this little town, who would? Gee. And such muscles, too!

We leftists don't have to question the facist right anymore. They've run themselves out of town and have found the fat, drug addict, Rush, for their new leader. Yep, those old boys sure showed us how to run the land of the free.

How much did you lose in the great stock crash of '08. You can thank the right wing for that.

Peace and love, oh weirdest of the weirdos in Amherst. You truly are one of us, the few, the weird, the Amherst residents.

Bravo! Flourish of trumpets! A series of patriotic images float by in a haze leftover from extravaganga.

Good luck, boyo! We ain't going anywhere which is good news for that closeted writer in you. You've got fodder for as long as you want to play the role of cranky old guy who is only now entering the old guy years.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and I could not help but notice you published as a cowardly, anonymous, nitwit Anon.

Normally I would respond that I will be in my Club at 5:30 AM this coming Monday, so by all means come on down and we can "talk."

But it's 'Memorial Day' so the Amherst Athletic Club is closed.

And, strangely enough, the town puts on a Memorial Day Parade (which I will attend) and NO protesters show up. Hmmm...

And for a "cranky old guy who is only now entering the old guy years," I can still rip your heart out and shove it down your throat and watch with GREAT anticipation to what kills you first: choking, or lack of blood to what may or may not be a brain.

Bikeracer said...

I love Amherst, there is not a place in the world I would rather live in. However, there are alot of issues that need to be addressed. This forum allows counterviews rather than stuffing them under the rug. I don't know if I would call Amherst "wacky" but I wonder if any other town in the country has banned West Side Story, not allowed a town firetruck in it's Fourh of July parade and tried to ban the Boy Scouts from selling Christmas Trees on it's common. I don't want to stand by and watch our libraries being closed, or schools closed and our swimming pools drained,while the Federal Government, the State and the Town squander money it has and it doesn't have. I don't view this as a Left or Right issue but one of fiscal responsibility. I havn't seen much responsibiltiy or accountibility lately.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, neither have I. And I have been paying attention for 30 years.