Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hadley remembers

And no, although Hadley has a mutual aid pack with Amherst for Police and Fire our departments--unlike Umass and State Police--did NOT show up for the Hadley Memorial Day Parade.

Although off duty Amherst call firefighter Ryan Willey was there with his haunting bagpipes and of course the (private) Amherst July 4'th Parade Committee.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I had the fortune of being able to participate in the Hadley memorial day parade, and it was everything a parade should be. There were families gathered together, veterans to be remembered (living as well as past), and most of all the children that had come out to see the wonderful displays. Their faces beaming with joy makes it all worth the efforts put forward.

I know there are some that feel there is a mixed / negative message being displayed within parades such as this. But there are oh so many that throughly enjoy coming out for the event, and should be allowed to do so uninterrupted.

I will also be a participate in Amherst's memorial day parade and unfortunately won't be surprised if at least one person doesn't come out to protest the event. Choosing to interrupt what would normally be a wonderful event attended be those who choose to attend and enjoy.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Hadley, we tie up traffic to mess with Amherst's graduations. What a bunch of jerks.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 7:07 - People live in Hadley. Try to think of it as someone's hometown and not just the bumper-to-bumper on Rt9 which would not exist if it were not for UMass. (Can you follow that?)

Anonymous said...

But again, UMass is the biggest employer in the region, including Hadley residents.