Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't call me a Democrat!

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Since allegedly "institutional racism" is their main gripe with the American Jurisprudence system, why would the 'Justice For Jason' mob employ race baiting to promote their umpteenth rally earlier this week?

They want Lt Thrasher disciplined by UMPD for using the term “donkey”? And have the audacity to suggest that it is a racial slur against African Americans!

Well, being Irish I couldn’t help but remember the only ethnic group targeted by that term would be my ancestors--and they probably would not even take offense (since it denotes a hard worker performing a thankless task).

This is the only listing for “donkey” in the extensive ‘Racial Slurs Data Base’: “It was cheaper to hire an Irishman than a donkey in the Pennsylvania coal mining days of the 1800's”

Of course, the donkey also represents the (often asinine) Democratic Party.

I think Thrasher used the term as a synonym for “ass,” especially since:

Lt. Thrasher asked Officer Antonmarchi whether he was “gonna get a story out of this asshole.” When Officer Antonmarchi responded that he just conducted a fifteen-minute interview with Vassell, Lt. Thrasher asked: “What’s this donkey say?”

But Vassell's lawyers see it a tad differently (let's hope they're unpaid volunteers spewing this amateurish crap):

Within hours of the incident, Lt. Thrasher labeled Vassell a “donkey” and an “asshole” and characterized his account of the event as “horseshit.” Given the history of racial stereotypes against African-Americans and the prevalent one of African-Americans as animals . . . , it is a reasonable -- perhaps even an obvious -- conclusion that [Thrasher] intended [a] racial insult.

Wow! When I was attending Umass, far too many years ago, we had a saying about “throwing a lot of horseshit and hoping some of it would stick” when a Professor asked an essay question on a test you had not quite prepared for.

And if you’re going to discipline a cop for using bad language then how about his statement over the phone to a fellow cop:

“They get into a fucking knife fight in that lower lobby. [The]
cameras did a helluva job of showing me, you know, the fucking crime.”

As Rhett Butler once said (in that racist novel): “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


Anonymous said...

Why is it that the newspapers never mention he left his room with the knife, went downstairs, and actually let these guys in? There is so much more to this story that is not in print, including why the guys were at his window and how it got broken...
Cant wait for it all to come out in the trail. We'll finally get to see the video too.

Anonymous said...

Lets go further -- he left his room armed not only with a knife but also a clothes iron -- AND WEARING A SKI MASK TO DISGUISE HIMSELF from the cameras he knew were in the lobby. (There is a big red sign saying that the cameras are there.)

Lets also remember that they all knew each other from high school, and this was all a fight over girls. And that had either Bosse or Bowes (who were outside and being recorded by video) broken the window, they would have been charged with it. And aren't.

And then we can start talking about the embezzlement of state money being funneled to the Vassell family to "pay for his defense."

The reason why this case can not be allowed to go to trial is because all this stuff will come out at trial. Hence the protests.

Ed said...

Why is it acceptable to block traffic and to parade down a town street without a permit?

Not that they would do it, but what would happen if the July 4th Committee just decided to ignore the Town Mangler and had the parade without any permit?

Yes, there would be consequences.

But not for these people. And this is not the first time they have done this, they also blocked streets in Northampton in their protest there.

So why aren't there consequences for them too???

Neil said...

Neil: Ed,UMass?
Ed: Yes Neil, UMass.

Anonymous said...

More than meets the eye here, so let the trial take place. I highly doubt that the whole judicial system is racist.

-Ryan Willey

Anonymous said...

the term "donkey" in contemporary slang is an abbreviated form of the term "donkey dick," as in "you stupid donkey dick!" it's not a racial slur, because i've only heard white people use it with each other. so, the attorney is a donkey for asserting it was a racial slur. salty language from cops? oh my! let's put it on obama's list of things to fix.

Anonymous said...

> Vassell's lawyers see it a tad
> differently (let's hope they're
> unpaid volunteers spewing this
> amateurish crap):

His WELL PAID lawyers (paid via student fee money) are David Hoose and Luke Ryan of Sasson, Turnbull & Hoose - the house at the corner of Rt 9 and U-Drive across from where the Mobil used to be.

Luke Ryan, of Amherst College Golf Team fame, is the son and grandson of a Judge Ryan...

And as to the motion to dismiss, what they have to show is not that the cops/DA are racists BUT that they have a race-based policy of not arresting/prosecuting white guys who stab people. Sorry, they DO arrest & prosecute white guys for stabbing so the motion fails.

LarryK4 said...

You would think anybody associated with Judge Ryan (Luke or Michael) would be a tad more informed about Irish history.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have looked up donkey on Among the definitions is, "a person who is being or acting like an idiot/ass." I didn't see anything racial in the other definitions.
And they call themselves college students!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised the guy's attorneys are playing the race card. Their job is to throw as much horseshit as they can, and that's fine.

It's the morons who actually BELIEVE this crap and march in subzero weather who are utterly incomprehensible.

S.P. Sullivan said...

While I think Amherst activists will draw a tenuous race connection where ever and when ever they can, I think if you look at some of the comments of The Republican's story on, you'll see why the race issue constantly comes up.

Because the Valley, liberal bastion as it may be, has its fair share of racists - just like everywhere else.

My issue with this controversy is that the only people being given a voice are those who think everything is because of racism, and those who think race had nothing to do with this issue at all.

Any desk-chair attorneys who think they have the answers to a very, very muddled issue are very, very mistaken.

LarryK4 said...


My only problem is that you expect nitwit Umass activist students to act like nitwits.

Lawyers who are getting paid is a different story entirely.

The last thing you want to do when a State Trooper pulls you over for speeding is be disrespectful as they come up to your driver side window.

And trying to physically intimidate a (female) District Attorney with a lynch-mob mentality is even worse.

Ed said...

> Any desk-chair attorneys who
> think they have the answers to
> a very, very muddled issue
> are very, very mistaken.

Well, I have done something known as "research." I have pulled files in Belchertown, Northampton and even Quincy. I have taken facts gleaned from these files as well as from other sources and built a fairly clear picture in my mind of what everyone is agreeing happening and what each side alleges happened. And as to the latter, what would be necessary for it logically to happen.

And there is one other thing here: If Jason Vassell had been man enough to pick up the phone and call the cops when they broke his window (if *they* broke it), NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. The better man walks away...