Monday, September 29, 2008


My Backyard 10:00 AM

A Mile down the road 3:45 PM


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show, tht life goes on, in The Republic of Amherst.

Great shots, Larry.

Until later..............

LarryK4 said...

Indeed it does. And hope springs eternal (even for Amherst)

'bach said...

hey larry, nice farm scenery.

i got a kick when i looked at your link list, head tilted slightly...

"Inept, but it's all we got
J S(revenge of the artist)"
figuring out this b-sphere and now have established 3 sister blogs:

'bach...which will be my personal ongoing portfolio, a past-present-future sort of thing

eft up design...this will be a place for me to showcase and critique art and design from around the valley and around the world.


valley watchdawg...that's the revenge one ;)

the links can be found on my profile page.


LarryK4 said...

Hey Bach,
I figured you would not mind the "revenge" thing. I editorialize about everything.

But you're right, maybe I should rethink the "inept but it is all we got" and add the boring "very expensive Amherst Town Government web page" (and amazingly for a $65 million entity, they only get 1,500 hits per day)