Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going green...or brown

Thursday 10:30 AM

So….Kendrick Park is much too good for the Amherst Pelham Boy Scouts to use for selling Christmas trees—a sixty year tradition—but, the Town Manager allows a patch of weeds, errrr—I mean wheat (maybe he figured they would use it for beer and give him a glass).

Memo to Happy Heads: come harvest your wheat.


Neil said...

Shaffer's record on Kendrick

Anonymous said...

I would rather see Christmas trees, insted of that bull. Don't get me wrong, I like Wheat, but not looking like a bunch of weeds in the middle of the park.
What are people thinking????????

Until later..................

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, has Shaffer ever answered any questions on his "blog" or is it still just a diary?

LarryK4 said...

Still just a diary but who knows maybe he'll respond to my response to Neil:

Yeah, I still remember the stunned expression in Elaine Brighty’s voice when I said that Jere Hochman should be fired for the ‘Vagina Monologues’ fiasco. But then he went on to refuse a raise over the number of years he was school Superintendent (mainly because he knew of the criticism that Gus Sayer left suddenly while making $104,000 and Mr. Hochman replaced him at $130,000).

And then I also remember in 2005 or 2006 where I was at the Select Board meeting in late August to ask during the Question Period for them to fly the flags on 9/11 and one of the lesser patriotic members said something to the effect that I was the only one there asking and that ‘s not much of a mandate (casting me as the “village idiot”)

Jere emailed me late that night and said he felt awful because he was in the audience for a School related item and though he should have raised his hand and spoke up for the flags. A few days later he composed a nice memo to the Select board that I of course forwarded to the media and it grabbed a headline, not to mention pissing off certain lefty Select Board members.

So it was about then I figured everybody deserves a second chance. And in America (where baseball used to the national pastime) perhaps everyone should be allowed three strikes.

I guess if I were Mayor I would have put the Town Manager on notice with his screwing up the Cherry Hill Gold Course $30,000 offer from Niblick Management to take the turkey off our hands, and then more sternly warned him over the Boy Scout Christmas tree fiasco at Kendrick Park, and then finally with his Boss Hogg attempt to “take over” the July 4’th Parade, I would have sent him to the showers.

'bach said...

THAT'S IT !!!!!

a bull for kendrick park, just like down on wall street.

here is a good one about kendrick park. this spring when the town was still engaging me in the academy square proposal for the 250th, mr g. mooring emailed me and requested design suggestions for some stone signage for either end of the newly acquired park. no payment mentioned, all he said was that he heard i do good work, and that dorsey was giving some ideas too.

since my proposal for the cinema parking lot had passed the 250th sub-committee, the amherst academy board of trustees, the historic commission (voted unanimously), the burnett gallery board of trustees, etc., i figured it was worth getting involved in kendrick.

i spent a full day photographing the park, assessing site potentials for signage, and creating a plan for some stone signage, which included a whole park plan view and perspective sketches. what the hell, i like to be thorough when i work for the "people".

guilford sent me a very terse response saying they were going with dorsey.

sooooooo.....where are the dorsey signs? or did i yet again get lead down a fruitless (never to be fruited) path by the town government (along with dorsey?)? does the present kendrick park committee even know that i was requested to do this work?

i will include those hours in the bill for the academy square design development.

Anonymous said...

how about a tribute to our town leaders, a bronze, triple size pile of bull by-product...with ivory horns to match the tower.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Jeff said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Boy Scouts will be back this year. If Shaffer is forward-thinking, he will use their presence (and their customers) to attract more revenue-generating attractions to Kendrick Park during holiday season this year. Any local merchants out there who want to take advantage of a steady customer stream in Kendrick during the Boy Scout tree sale?

Anonymous said...

it should be marijuana. that would be so much more appropriate.